Mar. 9th, 2017

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Alright, I'm really hoping someone somewhere has a copy of the fic I'm looking for. It's a McDanno fic where Steve gets pregnant and chooses not to tell Danny. He goes to the doctor to get some pills and then goes to pick Grace up. They both get kidnapped from Steve's truck and while trying to find them Danny and the others find the pills but don't know what they are causing Danny to wonder if Steve is doing drugs. While imprisoned, Steve does his best to protect Grace even though it's taking a toll on both him and the baby. Grace also figures out during this time about the pregnancy. When five 0 finds them Danny is mad that Steve didn't do more to protect Grace and tries to take her home from the hospital without seeing Steve but Grace demands to know if Steve and her "little sibling" are going to be alright, shocking Danny.
I don't remember the title or author, I'm pretty sure it was on ao3 and I'm certain it was deleted but hopefully, someone managed to save it or at least remembers what it was.


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