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Hi! I read a Hawaii 5'0 fanfiction awhile back and I am having the hardest time remembering it. Anyway, all I can remember is that he criminal burns a house and escapes and goes to the hospital. Steve's leg is injured and is watching Grace. The criminal gets to the hospital and Steve tells Grace to hide in the closet. Criminal finds her and they get taken hostage. Any help would be great! Thank you!


Jan. 28th, 2017 09:37 pm
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Any stories about Steve being a genius or how high his IQ is.

Sad fic

Jan. 22nd, 2017 08:59 pm
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Hi people!!

Sorry for my bad english but I need help to find any fic where grace dies, thanks =)
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I'm looking for a specific fic where Danny needs to get a heart transplant and Steve is an ex-seal medic. I believe it's called 'What the Heart Wants' by Venezia. I couldn't find it on ao3, tho, I think it's been deleted. Does anyone here have a copy or perhaps could point me on how to reach the writer (since I can't really send a message through ao3)?
Thanks :)
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So I cannot find this fic (pretty sure it's on A03) and I'll be gutted if it's been taken down. Hopefully I'm just being an idiot and can't find it!

Steve has a sore throat and fever; he gets sick to the point of terrifying Danny, who calls Grace's paediatrician, a tiny ancient old lady who has dinosaur-covered medical equipment. Turns out he has tonsillitis
It's scared/caring/nurse Danny and feverish/sick Steve

Hope someone can help!!
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Good evening to all,

I'm not a fan of rachel on the show. I think Danny got the short end of the stick in that divorce. What i'm looking for are stories where Danny gets to be angry that Rachel lied to him about Charlie being his son and his friends NOT talking him out of his anger. They basically just glossed over that story like what she did was normal. They might have ironed that out in this current season, but I haven't watched any of those episodes yet.

So please, rec away. And any other stories where the storyline is not nice to her would be good to. I'm just in the mood for some rachel bashing :) It could be steve/danny slash as well. Thanks!
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Hi there! I'm looking for a fic that me and a friend are unable to find right now. I think it's called 'Where the World Drops Off' and it involved a car crash. What's remembered is that Steve is driving a little car and is hit by a truck and when he's out of hospital Danny stays with him and has ptsd about getting in the car again and him and danny end up falling in love and steve gets in a car to tell him that. and that it was angsty but had a happy ending. 
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If someone could please help me locate this fic - Danny realizes he is attracted to/in love with Steve, and i order to experiment, goes to a gay bar where he is kissed by a very attractive Navy man, possibly even a Seal. The man kisses him thoroughly, but then tells him to be sure that he is over Steve. It's possible that this man (Jared/Jarett?) also calls Steve and lets him know what's going on, and Steve has a righteous fit of jealousy?

I cannot seem to find this through Google, so any help is welcome, thanks in advance!

Edit: Thanks, found in the comments!
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Hello Everyone.
I am looking for a Sentinel fic that was posted in AO3. It was about Danny being a Sentinal transferred to Hawaii because of Grace and he is unbounded. Steve was a guide in the military and of course becomes Dannys guide, but Danny tries to hide the fact that Steve is his true guide because Danny thinks he cannot bond with anyone.
The story follows a lot like season 1. I think there were only 5 parts, the last part was when Meka died.
The author only did about 1 part a year but it is an awesome read.
Does this ring a bell with anyone and if so can you tell me were I can find it?
Thanks for you help and Happy New Year!!


Dec. 20th, 2016 11:36 am
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Im looking for a story where Grace, Steve, and Danny are camping and they find a toddler wondering around with blood and adopt him.
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Hi please help!!! Have been searching high and low for this fic I read a while back

Danny and Steve were undercover, but obviously Steve was compromised! Danny is on the couch and has been beaten up but Steve is on the floor with the gang leader person.
From memory, they tie Steve to like an X thing and he's naked and the guy flogs him until he 'gets off' and there's a comment about how he makes every other guard come in their pants??? I think it's in like Danny's POV

Does anyone remember??
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Does anyone out there have a PDF of this fic?

by holsbells99

Hurt/Comfort,Comfort, Sharing Body Heat
Words:10756 Chapters:8/8

Author's Summary:

AU fic. Steve and Danny work for the military Patrol in Greenland. A harsh mission where two men, a sledge and a team of dogs patrol the artic wilderness for months at a time. Some of it spent in total darkness. They often never see another human being. Lives have been lost and sickness, frostbite and accidents are common. They cover up to 19 miles a day by sled and at night either have to find shelter or put up tents in often terrible weather conditions. Steve is the ex-Naval Frogman and Danny is the ex Copenhagen cop who have been partnered together for the next three months.
Apparently it has been deleted off of AO3.  Please message me if you can share this with me


Dec. 13th, 2016 12:35 pm
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I was wondering if anyone has copies of LindaLeeB's McDanno stories on Fanfiction.net. I love these stories and have reread them many times. I had just recently started re-reading the series again and was on the 3rd story right before Steve and Danny's civil union ceremony. I started to read the next chapter this morning and was dismayed to see that all of the stories have been deleted. I would love to get copies of the stories in word or pdf so I can continue enjoying them in the future!
ext_399439: (Lips)
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It's after the end of a bad case and Danny is at a bar by the beach more of a local bar instead of a tourist trap. He sees Steve walk in and almost doesn't recognize him. He's wearing aviators, ripped jeans, and scruff. Danny and Steve leave the bar together. I know I've read it a couple times but I can't seem to find it again. Fingers crossed.


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