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So this fic has been bugging me for a couple of days now:

Steve and Danny meet for the first time at a private club and have sex, it's an invite only club I think and they all wear masks since everyone is only there for sex. Steve might have membership pasted down through a family connection? Danny gets recommended by someone at work? After the sex Steve thinks about starting something with Danny but changes his mind at the last minute and they go their separate ways. A day or so after that night they have their canon meeting in the garage. Steve ends up recognizing Danny because of his hair I think, not sure if Danny figures it out right away. There might be something about a hickey? They eventually end up together.

Someone help!
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Heyy, I've been desperately searching for this fic where Steve has been kind of like the Hulk? I don't remember if it was a story about a hulk movie with the Five-0 characters, but I don't think so. I believe it was an original story.
I know it wasn't slash (I think Steve was with Cathrine in it) but after Hulking out he was always very protective of Danny and saw him as a trusted authority figure or something?
I hope someone can help me :)
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Hello everyone,

I've been driving myself batty trying to find a fic I read several years ago, so danny arrive in Hawaii after to be go out jail (maybe because of peterson) and he meet steve when he is suspect in the murder of his neighbour.

I hope someone know it.

FOUND by sammys grl Thank you very much

It's Lights Will Guide You Home by 4thofFive
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Hi, are there any Steve/Danny fics on the AU world in episode 5x07 or at least Steve's reaction to it?

Thanks in advance.

Barista AU

Oct. 2nd, 2016 01:07 pm
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I have this idea stuck in my head and I'm wondering if there are any barista/coffee-shop AUs already out there?
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Once more I am looking for a story or 2 maybe.

The story is Danny and Steve had met before and became married. In the story it happens as it did in tv series. Only John wasn't killed cause Danny was there.

The other story is Steve did not start Five O He and Danny met and he started a rehab facility. John was still alive.

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1.I would love to read some fanfictions that I haven't read yet.
It would be great if there's a mcdanno pairing and if Danny gets hurt in some way.
It should be finished and no highschool AUs please!

2. I was wondering if there's any story in which Steve is forced to hurt Danny (physically or mentally)

3.any story in which Danny gets kidnapped and the kidnappers contact Steve
Thx in advance
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There's a fic I remember reading a few years ago, and I'm in the mood to read it again. I hope it hasn't disappeared!

I can't remember the title, but it was set in 1940's Egypt. Around that time anyway. Danny meets Steve, and they hit it off, but they have to be careful in that time period. Chin and Kono are there too. Steve is friends with them, but he can't act like he's friendly with them, for the same reasons.

Danny still has Grace, and he's divorced from Rachel, because she suddenly worried about getting connections for her daughter. Ergo, Stan. The wonderful irony is that Steve is connected too, better than Stan. Suddenly Danny is hanging out in an exclusive club with Steve and meeting people who adore Grace. I loved that part.

Another part I remember is when Danny goes with Steve to meet a desert tribe that raised Steve, and Steve rides a horse standing up.
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Possible spoilers if you haven't seen the season finale for this year.

I was wondering if there are any 6x25 AU fics where instead of Steve being shot and needing a transplant it's Danny?

Thank you!
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Hi guys,

I've been looking for this fic everywhere and i just can't seem to find it:
I think it was on ao3, but I'm not sure about that. It was AU and Danny worked as a prostitute at Hawaii, because he couldn't find a job there and still wanted to be close to Grace. Steve comes to Hawaii and Kamekona sets him up with Danny, whom he has already paid.
Sometime later they meet again and Steve pays him a lot of money to spend a weekend with him, and sometime on this weekend they take a walk in a park.
Also, they meet a third time where Danny helps 5-0 in an investigation of the murders of prostitutes.

Does that ring any bells for anyone? Also excuse my english and my mistakes in this post, my laptop isn't working, so i had to write this on my cell phone
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This was a series of stories.  Steve is an action star and Danny is still a cop.  They meet on the set of one of Steve's films and hit it off.  Eventually, they live together, I think finally coming out as together at an awards ceremony.  My google-fu has completely failed me and I cannot find this.  Please help me!
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I've started rewatching the show from the begining this past month and I'm now delving into the fanfic world of H50 and I'm desperatly in need of a new things in particular.

1. Anything where Danny is upset/angry at Steve for being reckless in combat. They always make a joke of it on the show when Steve does something really stupid and Danny is worried, but come on, I can totally imagine Danny refusing to talk or even look at Steve when they get back to HQ sometimes after he's pulled one of his classic Steve stunts that almost get him killed.

2. Anything where Danny gets shot, beaten, hurt, dislocates or breaks something. Preferably on the job.

3. Anything where Steve patches Danny up like in 4x19.

4. 4x21 and 5x07 were both incredible episodes (oh the man whump) but I can't seem to find many (if any?) tags or codas to them. So if you could rec me any stories that deal with the aftermath of where those episodes ended in terms of hurt!Steve and worried/I'm-not-leaving-his-bedside!Danny, I'd be eternally grateful.

5. You're favourite AU stories where Five-0 doesn't exist and Steve and Danny meet and stay friends for a completely different reason.

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Hi there! I hope you're all well :)

I'm looking for a fic that I was so sure I had bookmarked, but apparently not. It's on AO3, kinda long (maybe 10000~) and it may be part of a serie, I really can't remember. I thought it was Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, but it's different. In it, Danny is some kind of shark, but not exactly. His mer form is really big and he's powerful. I remember that the author rewrote the scene with Kawika, in the restaurant, and they're disrespectful to Danny, until they recognize who he is. I'm sure there is some local language involved, like insults and maybe the local term for what Danny is.
I'm pretty sure there's a fight involving Danny's true form and a mention that he may be one of the last of his kind. But maybe I'm confusing it with another one. The only thing I remember vividly is the part about Kawika being surprised and humbled by how ancient and powerful Danny is.

So if any of you could help me, that would be great.

Take care and enjoy the season finale!

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I swear I started reading a story where Danny was a SEAL but then realized it was a long one so put it in my "read later" pile and now cannot identify it!  I really can't unfortunately remember any of it but I feel like it started off saying people alwys underestimated him so he put forth double effort to prove them wrong?
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Hey guys, I read a fic a while back where Steve was in prison for committing a crime, but he committted the crime due to OCD(obsesive compulsive disoder), I believe one of his traits was that he didn't like anything dirty touching him. If I remember correctly Danny was his lawyer and believed he shouldn't be in prison and instead in hospital. Chin was a prison guard and Grace also suffered with severe OCD which was why Danny understood Steve's troubles.

If anyone knows the fic I am on about then many thanks.

Cheers :)
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Hello all! Quick call for help, can't find this one Steve/Danny story: Steve McGarret is in high school when his dad passes away, but he's not looking for a father figure when new girl Grace Williams introduces her BFF to her Danno, Detective Danny Williams of HPD. The story covers a few years as Steve goes from high school in Honolulu to classes at Annapolis. Danno is older, and while Steve does confess before his high school graduation, Danny lets him down gently, but ends up in a long distance relationship without really noticing, until its too late. Grace is supportive, and Danny keeps all of Steve's letters. Any info about this story would be much appreciated, and I thank you all for your kind consideration.

This story has been found! I am deeply grateful to [livejournal.com profile] kahuna_burger for finding "Wayfinding", by elandrialore. Available on the AO3, http://archiveofourown.org/works/586971, but you must be a registered user. Its worth the time to do so!

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Been through my LJ messages, been through my downloads. Which was the story where Steve and Danny go to another island and there's a shaman of sorts, and they end up traveling through... old, mythological Hawaii with... not Pele, but a Hawaiian goddess drifting through now and then? Danny's really sick. They are being pursued or are in pursuit? Written by a writer from or living in HI. Really intense fic. Cmon, [livejournal.com profile] simplyn2deep, can you think of the fic I'm talking about?
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Hey everyone,

I'd really appreciate it if you could recommend to me any good gen Chin centric fics(thee so hard to find!) and also any good WWII stories featuring the whole team. I have yet to read a good WWII au. Such an interesting idea: who Danny be? A journalist? Seems fitting. Steve? A Marine or an Army man probably. Chin and Kono? Well, considering they're ethnicity, they'd be rounded up like the rest of their people on Hawaii. Chin would jump at the chance to join the Army rather than sit idle in a camp. There's a challenge for my fellow writers.
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Hi! I haven't actually read this story myself but I found an unsuccessful search for it on a SGA community and was intrigued. Apparently it's a complete AU for Stargate Atlantis set on Hawaii (not sure about H5-0) . Basically all I know is that Rodney McKay is a millionair or important person of some sorts and needs protection. The pairings are apparently Rodney/John and Steve/Danny. Not sure how the H5-0 team plays into this but I'm hoping that they are part of the protection detail :). Does this ring any bells? Thank you!

Zombie fic

Oct. 14th, 2015 10:21 pm
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Im looking for a zombie fic where Steve and Danny are out on a supply run I think and Steve ends up getting bit, perhaps while protecting Danny or Grace. Danny gets him back to the house and Steve wants Danny to shoot him and get it over with but Danny refuses. He locks Steve in the basement while he is fighting the fever and Grace takes him some food. Steve ended up taking a gun from Grace with the intention of killing himself but either Grace or Danny realize it and stop Steve from eating the bullet. In the end he ends up surviving without turning. Its been a few years since i read it. I think it might have been on AO3 but Im not sure.

Thanks in advance


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