Jun. 5th, 2015 09:53 pm
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I was wondering if you guys could rec me some good McDanno fics. Anything.
Doesn´t matter if its an AU(just no kid fics please) an it should be finished tho.
Hurt or angsty Danny centered is always a plus.

Another request: Do you know if there are any fics out there in which Danny is explaining Steve his true feelings towards him but Steve eventually doesn´t react how Danny thought he would. (Of course Steve feels the same but doesn´t tell for awhile) Happy endings are appreciated :)

Thanks in advance
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Only been reading this fandom for about 3 months. Love Love Love McDanno!
Looking for any recs for your favorite Steve/Danny steamy/down and dirty stories.The longer the better! Prefer first time stories-but established relationships are great too! AU is also fine. Please feel free to self rec! just no death fics (of McDanno or main characters including Grace).
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Rec request for your favorite fics that deal with Steve being reactivated for a mission, leaving Danny behind, missing him. I would take either established relationship, or first time (after Steve comes home).

Bonus points for Grace (I love Grace and don't understand fics that leave her out).

Triple Banana: Welcome Home, at the docks, with signs and everything.

First Date

Mar. 2nd, 2013 08:40 pm
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Hey! I'm all of a sudden in the mood for fics involving Steve/Danny going on their first date. I've recently read the one where Steve ends up seeing and talking to Catherine on their date, but any others would be great!

Thank you in advance!
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Hey, I'm looking for a fic that was based on a picture that went viral about a year ago of a Marine kissing his boyfriend after coming home from deployment. I asked if someone would write a fic where Danny was in the military based on it, and someone did but now I can't find it!
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First, I'm looking for a specific fic: Danny and Steve have (finally), gotten together, and Steve calls Danny ipo and Danny comments that he actually knows what that means, and Steve admits he's wanted to call him that for a long time.

In the same vein, any fic where one or the other (or both), use pet names, either regularly, or a slip, whatever. Also, fic where one of them takes the other's name; it can focus on them getting married or not.

Over protective!Danny would be great too; everyone expects it from Steve, but not so much from Danny.

Thanks in advance, because you guys are awesome! <3
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Hello all! I'm looking for fics where Steve is recalled by the SEALs for a mission (or three), and he and Danny are together or end up together, either before or after said mission(s). Also, if he receives a promotion? Because 35 is pretty old for a Lt. Commander, especially one as decorated as he is.

Either Danny or Steve's, or the team's, hell, the janitor's, point of view is awesome.

Thanks <3
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Okay. This has been bugging me and i can't remember the name of the story and have been looking FOREVER. I just have one scene i remember in particular. Steve, danny, and the rest of the team are out to eat dinner (some sort of celebration) and danny sticks his hand in steve's pants pocket and starts rubbing steve. Steve get's nervous because they're in public and everyone is going to know. I know it's not much but gahhhh it's been bugging me and i thought'd i ask and see if someone knows what i'm taling about! Also, it could be steve that sticks his hand in danny's pocket. Anyways if you know what i'm talking about and have the link please let me know! Thanks in advance. (I also think it's a longer story, i just remember this scene.)
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Exactly what the title says! Any fics where Steve and Danny break up for some reason but end up getting back together in the end. Also, are there any where Steve has a break-up and Danny comforts him, vice versa? And maybe they get together after that? I'm not really that picky! (: 
Thanks in advance!
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Hi All.

I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago that was awesome and my google-fu has hailed me *ashamed sigh*. It's set about four or five years down the line (possibly more) Steve and Danny were together, but broke up. Grace moved away and Danny followed her and Steve went back to the Navy and became the youngest Admiral in history. One scene I particularly remmeber is from the POV of a teacher, and her class is touring a naval base, and they stop to watch two guys sparring and Gracie recognises 'Uncle Steve' as one of the guys and practically tackles him. Everyone is shocked because Steve is usually such a hardass, but he's adorable with Gracie.

Some help please and thank you? Virtual brownies to whoever can help me...

E.T.A. FOUND. Virtual brownies to [ profile] coke_monkey who found it is extra quick time. It's What Makes You Think You're The One by Aishwarya
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Both are Danny/Steve, and one I found through here and the other through Hawaii Five-0 slash, but I haven't been able to locate them again.

The first involved Danny actually being a merman, and having to struggle first with imprinting on Steve and then how to tell him that he wasn't exactly human. Steve finds out when Danny has to transform to save him from another merman that tries to drown him, and then has to fight nightmares from when his Seal or Navy was murdered by a merman (there was a subtle and dark joke about Gibbs and guts). At some point later, Danny is kidnapped by Hesse and Steve has to rescue him.

The other story was about a hostage situation in Grace's school, where a man sneaks in pretending to set up an aquarium tank for Grace's class and then takes the whole class hostage. Given then situation, Danny can't go in and negotiate, so Steve does it for him while Kono climbs up a lightpost or some such in case she has to shoot him. Steve is able to talk the man into letting the class go, and it turns out the reason why the man did it was because he'd been diagnosed with a brain tumor (or cancer) and had run out of diplomatic options for trying to bring his lover home from the military with the dadt repeal. Danny and Steve don't actually get together until the end of the story.

Do these descriptions ring a bell for anyone? Please and thank you!
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Hey, I'm looking for any story that has to deal with Steve/military guys. Whether it's Nick Taylor, Joe (if there are any yet...), other SEALs, or hookups he had in the military (not the Steve/John Sheppard ones though...). Just Steve/military guys. Preferably higher rated.

I'm also looking for one that was Steve/Danny, and Danny got off on a story Steve was telling him about a teammate he slept with during a mission while Steve acted it out with him. (Think it was on AO3...?)

Anyway, any stories are appreciated! Thanks in advance. :)
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Hello everyone!

I just joined The community, I love Steve/Danno and I was wondering if someone out there could rec me tics where Danny and Steve get together when DADT got repealed or they made their relationship public...

I'm open to suggestions!

Thank you very much in advance,



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