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Been through my LJ messages, been through my downloads. Which was the story where Steve and Danny go to another island and there's a shaman of sorts, and they end up traveling through... old, mythological Hawaii with... not Pele, but a Hawaiian goddess drifting through now and then? Danny's really sick. They are being pursued or are in pursuit? Written by a writer from or living in HI. Really intense fic. Cmon, [livejournal.com profile] simplyn2deep, can you think of the fic I'm talking about?


Jun. 5th, 2015 09:53 pm
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I was wondering if you guys could rec me some good McDanno fics. Anything.
Doesn´t matter if its an AU(just no kid fics please) an it should be finished tho.
Hurt or angsty Danny centered is always a plus.

Another request: Do you know if there are any fics out there in which Danny is explaining Steve his true feelings towards him but Steve eventually doesn´t react how Danny thought he would. (Of course Steve feels the same but doesn´t tell for awhile) Happy endings are appreciated :)

Thanks in advance
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Hi guys!

I'm just wondering if there's a McDanno fic based on the movie Enchanted (Not Ella Enchanted). I'll appreciate the help!

Thanks guys!
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Hi, all!
I wonder if any of you know any fic (slash, gen, crossover or anything, really) that have Steve and Danny doing some adventure in a jungle. Something like in Taste_is_Sweet's Hunted or Zolac_no_Miko's Pō Pouli ‘A‘aki.

Thank you in advance!

FOUND. [livejournal.com profile] mcparrot and [livejournal.com profile] lou_c found two of them:
1. Trust People and They Will Be True to You by [livejournal.com profile] kristen999
2. Steve of the Jungle by Brumeier
[livejournal.com profile] superbadgirl also recommended:
3. Bound (By All The Rest) by [livejournal.com profile] landrews

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Hey all!! This is my first time posting, so please be patient if I do anything wrong!

I'm pretty new to the H50 fandom, and have been surprised that there aren't that many fics about this - I'm looking for fic recs that have something to do with some sort of Hawaii magic, preferably related to Danny. He's a healer, or can see the future, or something like that. Bonus points if Kamekona is involved and more clued up than the team at first.

It doesn't even need to be Hawaii-based, but anything with a slightly fantasy twist to Danny would be great, like he can see ghosts or something similar (like in the season 2 halloween episode). No M-preg, please :)

I just really love things which are the same universe but slightly fantasy! thanks in advance! :D
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What's the one that features an OC who's name is 'Spooky'. It's long and very detailed, and I think it indirectly crosses over with several other fandoms (I say indirectly because it's only like 1 or 2 characters from the other fandoms).

In it Steve is the reincarnation of a prince, or king. And Spooky was like the Court Story Teller. I think it was either Gen or Very Light Steve/Danny. Grace featured pretty heavily too (I think).
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Steve & Danny went a kind of local marriage consultant shop for their investigation.
The local master gave Danny some power but Danny didn't know.
After that, whatever Danny said, it came true.
One night Danny bitched himself "Fuck me" but accidentally Steve heard it.
Then Steve kissed him and fucked him.
Danny crushed on Steve but they were just friends.
Danny freaked out and said Steve "Forget".
Steve lost the memory of their night.
Danny went back to the consultant shop and Steve stalked him.

I'm really really searching that fiction but I can't find. Please help!
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Several months ago, I started a story where Danny could feel ley lines of the earth.  While he and the team was out on a case, demons that were being directed by someone came up out of the ley lines and attacked.  Later, Danny had gone up a mountain to try to find the person controlling the demons.  While he was up there, Madame Pele appeared to him to find out what he was doing and why.  And if she would allow him to do his thing on her islands. 

There were only two or three chapters written.  I never saw it again, and I'm wondering if anyone knows it?  Was it ever finished?  And I'd like to find it again, to mark it, this time, to see if it will ever be finished in the future.  That is if it isn't already finished.

Not sure if the fairytale tag fits or not, but...

Thanks for your help.

Found.  Link under cut in 1st comment.
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I'm looking for Alpha! Steve fanfics.
I love alpha-male-type Steve fics based on Shifter, Sentinel, Werewolf or anything. Danny is alpha/beta/omega, or just normal human.
I thought Alpha! Steve is common, but not much. (or I couldn't find) There are only 5 Alpha! Steve fics in AO3.
I want to read really really more Alpha! Steve!
Please let me know if you know any of them!

My favorites are

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Hey guys,

I'm trying to find a Danny/Steve fic with Gracie where Steve is turned into an actual seal (animal not S.E.A.L)? I remember part of it was where Grace was staying with Danny for the weekend and a endangered seal kept appearing in the apartment or something and Danny kept calling animal control. This happens a few times over the corse of the weekend, and Gracie grows somewhat attached to it. I think Steve was suppose to be seeing his sister in LA, but he doesn't answer his phone and everyone becomes worried? Eventually, Danny I think figures it out that the seal is actually Steve. I forgot how it's resolved. Unsure if AU or not? I'm having trouble finding it because when I try to look up Steve turning into a seal, I get mostly Navy SEAL fics instead. Please help!
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Steve is cursed, like Sleeping Beauty, and falls into a deep sleep. Grace figures out he can only be woken up by his true love's kiss...which turns out to be Danny.

It's set in the Hawaii Five-0 regular world...I think Danny has Kono kiss Steve first, because he thinks there's no way Steve could possibly love him.
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I am looking for any and all Danny/Kono stories. 

Also I have read some great one-shots but are there any longer Danny/Kono stories out there?

Any help you guys can give me would be much appreciated. 

Thank you.
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Hi all! I'm looking for a fic where Steve's on a quest (or perhaps it's Danny...it's one of the two) and he starts by having to swim across a lake, I think, and then ends up on a boat, and then in a room where he's got to go through either a nice, clean, light door or a dark, dirty, unkempt one. He ends up going through the dark one, I think, and HERE BE STORY SPOILERS! )

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? If it helps, I'm pretty sure I read it on LJ. It may also have been Steve/Danny, but I think it was gen.



Apr. 19th, 2011 07:33 pm
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Ok, so we have fics in this fandom where transformations take place. I've read the one were Danny turns in to a megalodon and the one were he has veele blood, as well as 2 which have to do with selkies.

Are there anymore fics with transformations in them? Or a fairytale? I saw someone ask for fairytale fic on the h50_bunny livejournal and the only response was a short story by [info]shadynaiad, which was funny. I can't seem to find any more. I even tried delicious and found a few but not really what I was looking for.

I really want to read fics were Danny or Steve or both are a werewolf in particular. Can be gen or slash. Do any exist?

Thank you in advance.

Also, mods I used the genre:miscellaneous because there was no genre:fairytale.


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