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Hey I'm looking for any fic's that are about an evil Catherine that is crazy in love with Steve but Steve dumps her for Danny and she goes all crazy and is like 'if I can't have Steve, then no one can' and tries to kill him so Danny can't have him cause she twisted up like that.
If there is any fic's like this please comment and send me a link,
Thanks x
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Hey everyone, I'm looking for a fic that is a McDanno.
From what I can remember is was based around Season 1 Episode 23 "Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau". I remember Steve being in love with Danny and finally except it himself after Danny nearly die from being poisoned by sarin, but when he go to the hospital to see Danny and maybe confess his feeling [not sure] but ends up finding Racheal asleep next to Danny as the have a thing together, this leave Steve heartbroken but Steve doesn't say anything cause he only want Danny to be happy even if it makes Steve miserable, then I remember another bit where Danny hugs Steve in HQ after coming out of the hospital and Steve holds on a little longer than a 'just a friend' should.
That's all I remember so if you know the fic that I'm talking about please let me know and send me a link thanks x.
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1.I would love to read some fanfictions that I haven't read yet.
It would be great if there's a mcdanno pairing and if Danny gets hurt in some way.
It should be finished and no highschool AUs please!

2. I was wondering if there's any story in which Steve is forced to hurt Danny (physically or mentally)

3.any story in which Danny gets kidnapped and the kidnappers contact Steve
Thx in advance
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So, I've been trying to find a really good five o fic with Danny as the omega and Steve being the alpha. Do you guys know any good stories?
Preferably long and finished bonus points for Danny being pregnant and Steve being all protective.
(BTW: I wouldn't mind some hurt danny)


Dec. 27th, 2015 03:40 pm
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Hey guys!

I really got an itch right now to read a good Danny pregnant fic, if anyone knows any good stories please tell me!
(Plus points for mcdanno, and Danny being in danger, getting kidnapped etc. During his pregnancy).

I also read a story on ao3 a whole ago in which Danny and Steve already have a child (Leo or something?) and try to get another one.
But Danny doesn't get pregnant and is really frustrated about that so Steve tries to make him open up.
In the end Danny snaps and cries because he FEELS so worthless, I think.

Anyone any idea?
Thx in advance
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Hey Ho!

I found this awesome story on fanfiction.net and was wondering if there were any similar Stories?
Just the basic plot :)
Slash is fine AUs even so

Here´s the story:



Jun. 5th, 2015 09:53 pm
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I was wondering if you guys could rec me some good McDanno fics. Anything.
Doesn´t matter if its an AU(just no kid fics please) an it should be finished tho.
Hurt or angsty Danny centered is always a plus.

Another request: Do you know if there are any fics out there in which Danny is explaining Steve his true feelings towards him but Steve eventually doesn´t react how Danny thought he would. (Of course Steve feels the same but doesn´t tell for awhile) Happy endings are appreciated :)

Thanks in advance
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I'm looking for a couple of fics.

#1. Any good Danny/Steve fics. Don't care if it's AU. Any length is fine.

#2. Any stories where Steve cheats on Danny. Any break-up/abandonment fic is fine as long as it's Danny being hurt.

#3. Any hurt/abused(in any way)/sick/insecure/betrayed/non-con/dubcon Danny fics. It can be Gen or Slash I don't care.

Thanks for your help
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I followed the show almost as soon as it was aired but never really got into the fandom, so I'm pretty new to it, that's why I'm posting here. ;) And I'm so lazy I don't particularly have the courage to sort through this comm after I tried to find fanfics on AO3.
Anyway, here's what I'm looking for:
- as it says in the title, your favourite H50 fanfics
- I prefer gen, and I'm not really a fan of mcdanno but I don't mind if the fanfic is really good. Other slash/femslash ships are more than ok. No incest, please.
- I'd like to read case fics, mostly. I haven't been long in the fandom to start reading AUs. First I need my fix of case fics ;). Canon divergence is ok if H50 unit still exists.
- If there's some hurt!Steve, gimme. Please. Because sometimes, it almost feels like he is superman.
- Beware that I only watched seasons 1 to 4 so far, so no 5th season fanfics. (Or no spoilers)
- Crossovers are more than welcomed
- I don't have a preference for a plateform whatsoever (AO3, ff.net, LJ, etc)

I think that's all. Thanks in advance for your help! ;)


Apr. 5th, 2015 02:26 pm
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Hey guys!!

Could you rec me some good fluffy Mcdanno Stories?
Flangst (fluff & angst) is fine, but no AUs and Mpreg please!
I need Fluff NOW !! :D

Thx in advance
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So, after falling out of love with H50 during the Kono Adam drama in S3, I've recently given my two favourite lads another shot. Boy was I in for a treat on 4x19! Literally the minute I finished work today, I switched on to 4x20 and I was struck by the way that I didn't even have to squint to find a romantic relationship.

I was wondering if anyone has  any favourite fics that just have a "squee" hidden gem in them. So for example, on the show, the way Steve and Danny just toss around that they love each other, and everyone is totally cool with it, or the way they casually insult each other's mothers, then take it a bit too far, and bring it back in and smooth everything over... or the way that they were sitting at the bar chatting about the fish-off, and Danny bets against Steve, and there's this genuine flicker of shock/outrage on Steve's face, and you can see he's almost hurt at Danny, then Danny upped his bet just to prove a point to everyone.

You guys, there were just so many feels that were legitimately canon On The Show and I would really love to read some works that integrate some Steve Danny moments. I hesitate to use the word bromance, because I definitely love it when they are paired as a couple, but recommendations would be appreciated of all genres from gen to kink if you have them:)
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Hi guys!

I'm just wondering if there's a McDanno fic based on the movie Enchanted (Not Ella Enchanted). I'll appreciate the help!

Thanks guys!
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I'm looking for a series i read a while back where Steve thinks that he's Danny's consolation prize or that Danny's only occupying himself with him or using him as a way to get over Rachel. Also any other fics along those lines would be much appreciated, basically anything with insecure Steve would be perfect.

Thanks in advance for your help :)
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Only been reading this fandom for about 3 months. Love Love Love McDanno!
Looking for any recs for your favorite Steve/Danny steamy/down and dirty stories.The longer the better! Prefer first time stories-but established relationships are great too! AU is also fine. Please feel free to self rec! just no death fics (of McDanno or main characters including Grace).
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So, I am an Aussie and we are getting "The Bachelor Australia" and seeing the promo's has made me think ... are there any H50 fanfic's out there that feature Steve (or Alex if RPF) as 'The Bachelor' with like a dozen beautiful women to wine and dine, but all he wants to do is hang out with the short, blond MALE producer who keeps telling him what he is doing wrong, wrong WRONG?
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Hi there!

I started reading a fic on my phone a couple of days ago but I dropped the phone & it went totally black, then wouldn't turn on for a couple of hours. It's sorted now but I lost my browsing history, so here I am with my begging bowl!

I was reading on AO3, but the author could well be here on LJ, too. Kono gave Danny 3 tickets to the zoo & when Danny asked Grace who she wanted to take, she says Uncle Steve. They go, and Danny starts having his Steve sexual freak out. The only other specific I remember (I was tired) is that a lion was being hosed down & Grace said that was Uncle Steve because he's big, strong & loves the water.

Thanks for any help! :)
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I'm new in this community and english is not my language, so there's a possibility that I'm doing things wrong, in wich case I apolagize.
I'm wondering if there are some specific fics in this fandom, and if you could please help me to find them?
So I'm looking for some kid fics. Danny as a kid, He may or may not remember that he's been downsized. I read one where he didn't remember, and then he was climbing trees and all and Steve was taking care of him. But Danny didn't like him. Steve told him his parents would be back in the morning.. Well anyway this one I read. But if there's some more I'd be more than happy to read them.

Then I'm searching for some kink.

First daddy kink. Steve doing the daddy part.
Then dom/sub stories. Steve doing the dom.

I like actually stories like "Haole" and other stories by Maudlin Mush where Steve is really into protective mode and it's not sexual. I love that a lot. But there weren't a lot around. Almost all the fandom is about slash Steve/Danny. In White Collar fandom there was some asexual!Neal and it was really great. I've been so in love with these fics, that I searched for some in other fandom, but in vain.

So, at last, if you know non slash protective Steve I'll gladly take them too.

I know it's a lot of requests for a first time, and I'm sorry. I'm trying to find the other requests to see if I can find one for someone else.
In the meantime I'll be very happy if someone can help me.

Thank you in advance for searching them for me.
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This is a bit vague so I’m hoping it will ring a bell with someone – Danny goes away, I think he goes to see his family, and while he is away Steve becomes even more out of control. Chin and Kono keep calling Danny to ask him to come home early as they can’t deal with it. It may be slash or gen, I can't remember.

I was also wondering if there were any crossover fics with The Magnificent Seven

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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Hello, I'm looking for a specific short fic where Grace was feeling sad (or upset) at school because the kids didn't believe her when she said she personally knew Five-0 so they all come to the school to pick her up.

Ring any bells? Or did I just make that up?

I'm back

Mar. 18th, 2013 01:48 pm
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So once again I thought I had these stories saved on my favorites list and computer but alas a do not.  Looking for three fics, the first involves Steve finding Danny at a club/bar with another guy who turns out to be a prostitute and Steve forces the guy to leave.  True feeling are exposed and so forth.  Second fic, Danny goes to the office after a date, complains about being to hot, and gets jumped by Steve in his office who is tired of waiting for the detective to make a move.  And lastly takes place after the hike, you all know the one, and Danny calls home to tell his sister what he did only to be confronted by Steve.  Danny then proceeds to tell Steve why he did the whole I heart U and where it came from.  If you guys can help me out that would awesome.  Thanks in advance.


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