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Heyy, I've been desperately searching for this fic where Steve has been kind of like the Hulk? I don't remember if it was a story about a hulk movie with the Five-0 characters, but I don't think so. I believe it was an original story.
I know it wasn't slash (I think Steve was with Cathrine in it) but after Hulking out he was always very protective of Danny and saw him as a trusted authority figure or something?
I hope someone can help me :)

Fic Search

Nov. 18th, 2016 09:22 pm
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Looking for a fic where Steve was doing a jump with a group of Seals, at night into the ocean where they were suppose to swim to land and no night drills, During the jump something happens with Steve's sail, it deployed wrong, and he ends up hurt, another Seal is helping him get back into land.

Anyone Know of this fic? Found. Link in comments.

Steve Shot

Nov. 18th, 2016 08:45 pm
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I read this fic, I wanna say it was AO3, but I'm not certain. And this was a month or so ago so it's not in my history anymore. But in the story, Danny is incapacitated in some way, (I think he was buried under some boxes) and Steve leaves his cover to protect Danny and ends up getting shot. If anyone knows this fic, please let me know.

Found in comments
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Ciao! I'm Antonella and i'm new in Hawaii Five O's world. I love the show and the characters, above all Steve and his friendship with Danno.
I liked to read some good stories, gen, slash but no graphic and loooong. I already checked in FFnet and now I was checking the archive of Hawaiificfinder since the beginning.
Some stories, unfortunately, are not more availible or on line, like 'When The World Drops Off' on portraitofafool.livejournal.com. I know that it's slash but the plot it's really involving and i'm so pity that I cannot more read it.
So, if you have some advice or you would like share with me your favs fics...
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I read this fic and I can't remember if it was on ff.net or AO3, but if I remember correctly, Steve is kidnapped but people who thinks he's Danny. I remember that Steve was really confused and I think he thought his name was Danny Williams for awhile. I also think that he managed to escape but I'm not sure. If anyone knows where this fic is please let me know.

Found, thanks.
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Hey guys!

Looking for fics that show the bromance between these two. I'm upset that the show has stepped away from that. Just fics where they're always there for each other (brother and best friend). If it leads up to slash, I'm okay with that.

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I've recently started re-watching the series after a hiatus of years and am slowly catching up. As I watch, I notice a lot of the good that Five-0 does for the Hawaiian community, the people they help and the justice they deal out (along with the massive amount of property damage...XD LOL). So it got me curious about a certain kinda fic...

Are there any good fics out there that explore what the Five-0 task force means to your average Hawaiian, in any capacity? Maybe POVs from original characters, the average Jo-blow on the streets of Honolulu, as they think about the task force, how they've helped/saved them and such? Gen, het, slash, it's all good to me in the H 5-0 world. I love both Danny and Steve, but really with this request, I'll take anything. So any recommendations or fics out there that contain things like this?

Hurt Danny

Dec. 12th, 2015 08:10 pm
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Hi guys! I'm wondering if there is a fic where steve drives recklessly then he runs out of luck, crashes the camaro and seriously injures danny?

Or any sugestion on fics where steve unintentionally hurt danny. McDanno or gen is okay.

Thanks in advance!

Ps: we really need a hurt!danny tag
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Hey everyone,

I'd really appreciate it if you could recommend to me any good gen Chin centric fics(thee so hard to find!) and also any good WWII stories featuring the whole team. I have yet to read a good WWII au. Such an interesting idea: who Danny be? A journalist? Seems fitting. Steve? A Marine or an Army man probably. Chin and Kono? Well, considering they're ethnicity, they'd be rounded up like the rest of their people on Hawaii. Chin would jump at the chance to join the Army rather than sit idle in a camp. There's a challenge for my fellow writers.
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Hey!  I'm looking for any stories where Steve is totally kick butt awesome - he gets to use SEAL skills, etc...  If the team gets to see it, that would be even better!

Also, I'm looking for stories where Steve is protective of Danny and/or Grace.  Maybe he goes all super!SEAL for them.

Thanks!  Gen is preferred, but preslash is okay.  :)
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Hey guys! I just finished reading Seale's AvatarH50 fusion http://archiveofourown.org/works/1688825 and I was wondering if there were any other H50/Avatar the Last Airbender fusion out there. I'm looking for Danny-centered stories where he is a bender. Of course it would be even more awesome if the entire team were benders too but not necessary. Any recs? It could be team, friendship, McDanno, gen stories. Just in character and with a plot, well written would be awesome too!!
[identity profile] willow-fae-20.livejournal.com
I know I'll kick myself when it's found but for the life of me I can't come up with the name of this fic. Danny is convinced by some other HPD people that Steve, Chin, and Kono don't really like him/want him around. So he pulls away from the group and is continually harassed by the HPD people (apartment broken into, ties cut, pictures burnt, I think maybe there's a time when legit backup doesn't show). It culminates in a 'team building week/conference' in Colorado (or someplace snowy) and there is some crossover with NCIS.

I may well be mixing two stories up here, but I don't think I am. I think it's also Gen, which is weird for me, as I usually read slash in this fandom.
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I'm looking for a couple of fics.

#1. Any good Danny/Steve fics. Don't care if it's AU. Any length is fine.

#2. Any stories where Steve cheats on Danny. Any break-up/abandonment fic is fine as long as it's Danny being hurt.

#3. Any hurt/abused(in any way)/sick/insecure/betrayed/non-con/dubcon Danny fics. It can be Gen or Slash I don't care.

Thanks for your help
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Does anyone have any recs where the author really explores the issues Steve has because of betrayal and abandonment? I'm not talking about partner betrayal but mostly his family, Nick, Joe, etc.

Also any good Steve with PTSD fics?

I'm good wIth any genre or trope

Hurt Danny

May. 20th, 2015 12:23 pm
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Hi guys! I am looking for an older fic where (I believe) Danny has an ulcer? What I remember is Danny ends up collapsing in the bathroom and there was blood in the sink which freaks Steve out and he almost calls for a medflight helicopter? I think it was Steve/Danny but it could have been gen.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you!
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I followed the show almost as soon as it was aired but never really got into the fandom, so I'm pretty new to it, that's why I'm posting here. ;) And I'm so lazy I don't particularly have the courage to sort through this comm after I tried to find fanfics on AO3.
Anyway, here's what I'm looking for:
- as it says in the title, your favourite H50 fanfics
- I prefer gen, and I'm not really a fan of mcdanno but I don't mind if the fanfic is really good. Other slash/femslash ships are more than ok. No incest, please.
- I'd like to read case fics, mostly. I haven't been long in the fandom to start reading AUs. First I need my fix of case fics ;). Canon divergence is ok if H50 unit still exists.
- If there's some hurt!Steve, gimme. Please. Because sometimes, it almost feels like he is superman.
- Beware that I only watched seasons 1 to 4 so far, so no 5th season fanfics. (Or no spoilers)
- Crossovers are more than welcomed
- I don't have a preference for a plateform whatsoever (AO3, ff.net, LJ, etc)

I think that's all. Thanks in advance for your help! ;)
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Hey guys! I was wondering if there were any good H50 fics with Danny being stalked. It could be gen, friendship, team or Danny/Steve fics but good ones, well written, in character and with a good plot. Just no incest, please or BDSM. Set in the H50 universe and not an AU where they are bakers or other things. AU to episodes or AU to first meetings is fine I just don't want them to be anything but cops. Anyone have any recommendations? THANK YOU!!!
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Hey all!

So I LOVE Steve and all I've been able to find recently are fics that pick on his way of doing things and having Danny always be right.  I love Danny too, but things usually turn out okay when Steve does things his way.  The constant picking on him drives me crazy!!!

I'm looking for fics where Steve's way of doing things isn't criticized except in jest, like Danny normally does.  Fics where he is right.  Or in general any fics where he displays totally awesome SEAL skills.

Thanks so much!
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Ok, I have a few fics i can´t find...
I know, I know, why didn´t you bookmark them? Well, I did but it´s like they´ve vanished...
so if anyone knows one of those stories, feel free to leave a comment. Thx!

1. Danny falls down a staircase in a warehouse or sthg. steve´s upset and almost beats the criminal to death (slash, Mcdanno)

2. Danny is kidnapped by some psycho who wants to convince him that being gay is a crime (rape,slash, McDanno)

3. Danny´s injected with venom and Steve has to find him before it´s to late. I remember that there were various venoms each one of them more painful ( not sure if it´s slash, but it´s slashy)

4. Danny´s abduct by someone who wants steve to suffer cause he killed his friend/brother there´s a live video feed, so steve has no chance but to watch I think that steve and his navy buddies rescue Danny (definitely slash!)

if anyone knows stories in which steve or the five-0 team´s contacted by dannys kidnapper/s to show how "he´s doin´" it would be wonderful if you could also leave a comment!

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Hi Everyone.
I am looking for some stories of Catherine jealous of Danny, for any reason. Any and all stories are welcome wather McDanno or McRollins, okay maybe not all, no threesome fics please. :) Oh, and the longer the story the better.
Thanks in advance for your help.


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