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Good evening to all,

I'm not a fan of rachel on the show. I think Danny got the short end of the stick in that divorce. What i'm looking for are stories where Danny gets to be angry that Rachel lied to him about Charlie being his son and his friends NOT talking him out of his anger. They basically just glossed over that story like what she did was normal. They might have ironed that out in this current season, but I haven't watched any of those episodes yet.

So please, rec away. And any other stories where the storyline is not nice to her would be good to. I'm just in the mood for some rachel bashing :) It could be steve/danny slash as well. Thanks!
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I've recently started re-watching the series after a hiatus of years and am slowly catching up. As I watch, I notice a lot of the good that Five-0 does for the Hawaiian community, the people they help and the justice they deal out (along with the massive amount of property damage...XD LOL). So it got me curious about a certain kinda fic...

Are there any good fics out there that explore what the Five-0 task force means to your average Hawaiian, in any capacity? Maybe POVs from original characters, the average Jo-blow on the streets of Honolulu, as they think about the task force, how they've helped/saved them and such? Gen, het, slash, it's all good to me in the H 5-0 world. I love both Danny and Steve, but really with this request, I'll take anything. So any recommendations or fics out there that contain things like this?
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Does anyone have any recs where the author really explores the issues Steve has because of betrayal and abandonment? I'm not talking about partner betrayal but mostly his family, Nick, Joe, etc.

Also any good Steve with PTSD fics?

I'm good wIth any genre or trope
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I followed the show almost as soon as it was aired but never really got into the fandom, so I'm pretty new to it, that's why I'm posting here. ;) And I'm so lazy I don't particularly have the courage to sort through this comm after I tried to find fanfics on AO3.
Anyway, here's what I'm looking for:
- as it says in the title, your favourite H50 fanfics
- I prefer gen, and I'm not really a fan of mcdanno but I don't mind if the fanfic is really good. Other slash/femslash ships are more than ok. No incest, please.
- I'd like to read case fics, mostly. I haven't been long in the fandom to start reading AUs. First I need my fix of case fics ;). Canon divergence is ok if H50 unit still exists.
- If there's some hurt!Steve, gimme. Please. Because sometimes, it almost feels like he is superman.
- Beware that I only watched seasons 1 to 4 so far, so no 5th season fanfics. (Or no spoilers)
- Crossovers are more than welcomed
- I don't have a preference for a plateform whatsoever (AO3, ff.net, LJ, etc)

I think that's all. Thanks in advance for your help! ;)
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I remember reading a Danny/Kono fic that took place after 1x03 (Malama Ka Aina) in which Danny obsessed with the way she looked when they were undercover at the rolling casino, in the silky red dress with her hair up. It was pretty explicit, and at some point it had them fucking on the bed on their knees. That's all I remember about it but I'm dying to reread it and my search through the Danny/Kono tag on AO3 has yielded nothing that jogged my memory. Anyone know what story I'm talking about?


While I'm here, I'll take any rec for explicit and/or schmoopy Danny/Kono fics, if you have them. :)



Feb. 22nd, 2013 12:14 pm
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Hey again everyone! I've been going crazy trying to find these kinds of fics.

I was wondering if there were any Danny-centered fics out there where Danny has always been a woman, meaning, she was born a woman. Just some nice femDanny fics. I'm at a loss where to find some, could you guys help me? It can be gen, team, friendship, het (femDanny/Steve please). It can be supernatural, AU, etc. I'm not really into BDSM or porn, I just want something with a plot and all the characters in character. Well-written would be nice too. Thank you!
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Hi guys,

A while ago I read this story about Danny coming into Steve office to have a nap on his office lounge cos his was too small (I think). Steve working at his desk asks Danny what he is doing and tells him to to back to his office to nap. What I remember most is that Steve joins Danny in a nap. I think that Kono comes in and finds them sleeping together.

I would like to read this again if anyone knows or has the link.

But if it is not too much trouble, I would really love to read any stories you guys could recommend where Steve and Danny fall asleep together.

Gen or slash it doesn't matter I would love me some hott boys falling asleep together stories.

Thanks in advance to anyone who answers.0
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Hey, guys! I'm trying to find a story that I think I saw originally on fanfiction.net. All I remember is the general plot where I think people kidnapped Steve and rather than shooting him they left him in a Navy ship that was supposed to be sunk in a drill or something, as in they were going to fire at it until it sunk. I know the team found him in time, and I think they asked for help from Gutches (I hope that's his name) from SEAL Team Nine. I scoured ff.net but came up empty so maybe someone can help me out :p Thanks in advance!!
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I really don't like Doris and I basically wanna read fics that bash the hell out of her because I don't like how everyone is okay with her just simply coming back from the dead and I hate how Steve is just so blasé about it as well. I simply dislike her character and find her really annoying. Mcdanno is preferred but any pairing is welcome except for Steve/Catherine (can't stand her either). 
Thanks :) 
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So I've come across a couple of fics that explore the idea of Danny seeing the hidden world of Steve in the military and the brotherhood that world engenders. Now I'm curious if there are any fics out there that explore the opposite scenario. Has anyone come across a fic that explores Steve getting a view into the brotherhood of cops that Danny is a part? I'll take anything for this prompt - gen, het, slash, long fic, drabble, oneshot. Anything really. I just find this idea so fascinating. Thanks, guys.
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Of course after he had time to calm down, realizes Steve didn't do anything wrong. Thanks in advance.
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I would love to read some Pining!fic (IDC what pairing). Or something with lots of UST through most with it finally being resolved.

I will literally take any pairings.
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I was wondering if their was any fic's out there. Where the story is. Set just after Danny moves to Hawaii.



May. 17th, 2012 01:19 pm
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Are there any Hawaii 5-0/Alphas crossovers out there? Any pairing or no pairing. I'm not picky.
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Can you guys tell me if there is any fanart about Steve/Catherine somewhere? You know, wallpapers and manips that aren't restricted to screencaps?

I would be sooo grateful if you could tell me where I can find some.

Thanks for your help!

Mods, I hope I got the tags right (I chose what I did since there are no tags for art and the Steve/Catherine pairing). If not, feel free to correct them.
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I am looking for a story that has a list of things that Danny has found in Steve's pockets.  I cannot remember if it is slash or just a frienship fic but I know that one of Danny's lines/thoughts is "Zipties, because four pairs of handcuffs just isn't enough." Or something similar.  I would really appreciate any help in finding this story.
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1) Are there any good Chin/Malia or Max/Lori fics out there?

2) After re-reading Apetslife's 'Danno Don't Surf' I wondered if there were any fics with Steve discovering what Danny's hair looks like naturally, such as when they're living together.

Thank you for your help.
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I'm looking for a story I read a few weeks ago. I thought I had found the link on the H50 newsletter comm but I went back to the beginning of February and didn't see it, I'm nearly positive I didn't find it that long ago I went back through the entire archive of the newsletter and didn't find it.

As it began it appeared it was going to be Steve/Danny with Catherine playing matchmaker but ends up a threesome. What I remember most about it is that Catherine feels having mind-blowing sex with Steve, and then Danny, is excellent compensation for breaking protocol for them in regards to the use of the satellites.

On that note, any stories with Steve, Danny and Catherine involved in a threesome, whether serious or casual, would be much appreciated. Thanks.

ETA: Thanks to everyone who has suggested stories. I know I read it on LiveJournal, I just can't remember where.
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Hi, I have recently following Hawaii Five-O and I really love the show so much. Ever since I have been collecting fanfiction for the fandom.
1. Does anyone know a crossover fic between Hawaii Five-O and Fringe?
2. I only know two slash fic of mcdanno with steve as a serial killer and i think it's still unfinished. I wonder if anyone know more fic featuring a serial killer!steve and detective!Danno?
3. Does anyone know a genderbender fic with steve and always-a-girl!danny, not turned-into-a-girl!danny? The only one I know is titled Wild Honey. Is there more fic featuring those two?
Thank you in advance. :)


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