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Hey I'm looking for any fic's that are about an evil Catherine that is crazy in love with Steve but Steve dumps her for Danny and she goes all crazy and is like 'if I can't have Steve, then no one can' and tries to kill him so Danny can't have him cause she twisted up like that.
If there is any fic's like this please comment and send me a link,
Thanks x
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I read this fic I'm pretty sure it was on AO3 and for the life of me I can't find it again, or remember the title. It was basically a Jealous Danny fucking Steve against the window in his office. I believe Catherine was below watching. If this sounds familiar to anyone please let me know.

Found in Comments
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If someone could please help me locate this fic - Danny realizes he is attracted to/in love with Steve, and i order to experiment, goes to a gay bar where he is kissed by a very attractive Navy man, possibly even a Seal. The man kisses him thoroughly, but then tells him to be sure that he is over Steve. It's possible that this man (Jared/Jarett?) also calls Steve and lets him know what's going on, and Steve has a righteous fit of jealousy?

I cannot seem to find this through Google, so any help is welcome, thanks in advance!

Edit: Thanks, found in the comments!
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1.I would love to read some fanfictions that I haven't read yet.
It would be great if there's a mcdanno pairing and if Danny gets hurt in some way.
It should be finished and no highschool AUs please!

2. I was wondering if there's any story in which Steve is forced to hurt Danny (physically or mentally)

3.any story in which Danny gets kidnapped and the kidnappers contact Steve
Thx in advance
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So, I've been trying to find a really good five o fic with Danny as the omega and Steve being the alpha. Do you guys know any good stories?
Preferably long and finished bonus points for Danny being pregnant and Steve being all protective.
(BTW: I wouldn't mind some hurt danny)


Jun. 5th, 2015 09:53 pm
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I was wondering if you guys could rec me some good McDanno fics. Anything.
Doesn´t matter if its an AU(just no kid fics please) an it should be finished tho.
Hurt or angsty Danny centered is always a plus.

Another request: Do you know if there are any fics out there in which Danny is explaining Steve his true feelings towards him but Steve eventually doesn´t react how Danny thought he would. (Of course Steve feels the same but doesn´t tell for awhile) Happy endings are appreciated :)

Thanks in advance
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I'm looking for a couple of fics.

#1. Any good Danny/Steve fics. Don't care if it's AU. Any length is fine.

#2. Any stories where Steve cheats on Danny. Any break-up/abandonment fic is fine as long as it's Danny being hurt.

#3. Any hurt/abused(in any way)/sick/insecure/betrayed/non-con/dubcon Danny fics. It can be Gen or Slash I don't care.

Thanks for your help


Apr. 5th, 2015 02:26 pm
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Hey guys!!

Could you rec me some good fluffy Mcdanno Stories?
Flangst (fluff & angst) is fine, but no AUs and Mpreg please!
I need Fluff NOW !! :D

Thx in advance
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hey guys, i feel fairly stupid that i can't find this fic, but it's driving me batty. all i remember about it was that danny dated rachel's custody lawyer for awhile, and there was jealousy involved?? there was a scene at grace's birthday party??

i know it's a fairly well-known story hence why it's so frustrating that i can't find it. i'd appreciate the help if anyone can point me in the right direction!!

eta: also while i'm at it, there's another one i've been looking for--it has danny as a demon hunter of some kind, which i know there are a couple versions of. this one in particular starts out with a scene in an occult bookstore, and steve making fun of him for it. thank you in advance!! :))

eta2: the first one was found by kahuna_burger (thank you!!): How To Keep Your Mouth Shut by primetime
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Looking for a fic that I lost. Its Steve/Danny and may have been posted in three or two parts. They travel somewhere perhaps related to a case and stay at a hotel. Steve is pining for Danny. They meet a pregnant Rachel who is there with Stan but without Grace. The first part was bottom Steve. Steve gives Danny a hickey and Rachel sees it and realize that they are togheter. In the last or second part Steve thinks that Danny is going back to Rachel after hearing parts of a conversation between them and Danny tells him that he is not. Hope someone remembers it.

Its been found and I am amazed that it didnt even take ten minutes. Thanks!

Bottom of the sea http://archiveofourown.org/series/13298
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I'm looking for fics where Rachel is jealous. Can be either that Steve and Danny are a couple or that they aren't a couple yet and Rachel finds out how they feel for each other and tries to keep them apart. I just want a fic where Rachel wants to be with Danny, but feel jeoulous of Danny wanting to be with Steve.
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Hi Everyone.
I am looking for some stories of Catherine jealous of Danny, for any reason. Any and all stories are welcome wather McDanno or McRollins, okay maybe not all, no threesome fics please. :) Oh, and the longer the story the better.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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Catherine is with Steve and she thinks Steve and Danny may have feelings for each other so she tells Danny to back off and let her have a chance with Steve and stop hanging around so much, so Danny keeps making excuses not to hang out with Steve. I think it the story ends with Steve/Danny. Link-title and author would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!

*FOUND* by superbadgirl (THANKS) The story is: So Much for My Happy Ending by 4thofFive http://archiveofourown.org/works/786008
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Hey Guys, I´m looking for a fic in which Steve feels guilty, because sthg.
happend to Danny.
It would be bonus if Steve gets angry while Danny tries to convince him that he´s not the one who is responsible for this.
This is no specific request, so every story is wonderful.
Slash is great, and it doesn´t matter if the story is an OS or a multiple chapter story!

thanks in advance!
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I was wondering if I could get some recommendations for stories that involve guys hitting on or flirting with Danny and Steve getting jealous.

[identity profile] talcat.livejournal.com
Hey guys can any one point me in the direction of some good jealous Steve fics? Or some fics in which Danny is kidnapped to use against Steve as the bad guy knows what Steve feels for him?

Thanks in advance
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Hi, again. I'm looking for a fic I read just recently, but can't find to reread. I don't know if the part I remember is the main story or just part of a longer fic.

Danny and Steve are together. I believe Catherine is part of the 5-0 team, but I'm not sure. She invites Steve to go to a basketball game with her. Danny says its okay, but it really is not. He is hurt and jealous that Steve would go with her. I believe that Danny avoids Steve the rest of the weekend, and then they have a fight and Steve realizes that he should not have gone with Catherine.

Thank you!
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Hi guys,

Long story shot I am after the long story where Kono finds out that Steve had sex with Ben and she and have a massive fight at HQ. I also remember Kono saying she slept with Mary.

Does anyone have the link to this story I have been looking all day and can't find it.

i would love to save it to my ipad I have a looooonnnnnggggg boring trip and I am going thou all my favourite stories and saving them for later reading.

And if it's not too much trouble I would love any long Steve/Danny story recs from you guys. 
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Sorry, it's me again. I accidentally deleted some of my favorite stories and have found all but these three.

1. Danny is jealous because Steve is getting all the media attention. In the end they get together and announce their engagement in a press conference.

2. Danny goes through the process of realizing that he is gay for Steve. They are in bed one night and he is looking at his wedding ring and announces that he is not gay. He is just Steve-sexual.

3. A navy SEAL friend of Steve's comes to visit and Steve invites him to stay with them. Danny goes home from work with a bad headache and the visitor tries to get him to leave Steve. He drugs him and then ties him to the bed. Steve comes home just in time.

Thank you again.
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I've been trying to find a specific story for a while now, but I'm having no luck. Though, luckily, I do remember quite a bit from from it.

Danny starts dating this girl (GF=girlfriend), who might be a nurse, and things move very fast over the course of weeks/months. She pretty much falls in love with Danny immediately, and Danny not so much (as time goes by). He finds her to be very clingy and odd. She keeps insisting on buying him really expensive things and is already taking about marriage, etc. She cooks for him all the time and so on. Eventually, Danny decides to break things off with this girl because he doesn't feel like he's in love with her (or like the relationship is going anywhere). This unleashes the GF's crazy/psychotic side.

Grace has a really bad relationship with this GF (who threatens to either send Grace away or take Danny away from her). Grace ends up hiding her feelings for Danny's girlfriend because she doesn't want to upset him and be sent away. I think the GF might have also been physically abusing Grace, and leaving her with bruises? Towards the end of the fic, Grace is pretty emotionally beaten and terrified of losing Danny.

After Danny breaks up with the GF, he goes back to her house (with Grace) because he thought he left his wallet. In reality, the girlfriend took it so Danny would have to come back to get it. Danny explains to Grace in the car outside of the house that this is the last time they have to talk with the GF and then their lives will be back to normal. When he arrives, the GF is fixing the sink in the kitchen, which she purposefully broke. It's creating a mess and she asks for his help. When he does, the GF attacks him with a knife and stabs him.

He ends up hiding with Grace in the bathroom. Meanwhile, the GF sets the house on fire because "if she can't have him, no one can". Danny forces Grace to escape the house through the tiny bathroom window and call for Five-0/their ohana for help on a cell phone a couple of blocks away. She ends up waiting for them there and to direct them to the house.

Steve busts onto the scene and calms Grace down. When he gets in the house, he ends up killing the GF while Chin calls for backup. Steve tries to open the bathroom, but it's locked/jammed. Danny is unconscious from blood loss so Kono climbs back through the window to help unlock the door to the bathroom to help free Danny. Then they all head the hospital?

I'm not sure where I read it since I've been trailing LJ, Ao3, and ff.net for H50 fics.


Found: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9004392/1/A-Possessive-Obsession


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