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Good evening to all,

I'm not a fan of rachel on the show. I think Danny got the short end of the stick in that divorce. What i'm looking for are stories where Danny gets to be angry that Rachel lied to him about Charlie being his son and his friends NOT talking him out of his anger. They basically just glossed over that story like what she did was normal. They might have ironed that out in this current season, but I haven't watched any of those episodes yet.

So please, rec away. And any other stories where the storyline is not nice to her would be good to. I'm just in the mood for some rachel bashing :) It could be steve/danny slash as well. Thanks!
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Hi, I'm catching up on the show and wonder if there's any Steve/Danny fic centred around episode 4x07 where Steve does actually end up taking care of Joan/adopting her?

Thanks in advance!
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Hi I just read:

Yours, Mine, Ours 'Verse by osointricate


Renovations by Moonbeam (luvsbitca)

I absolutely love these fics and would love to read more like it.

The longer the better, adopiton and fostering other kids is fine, if the series has Mpreg that isn't tagged for could you warn for it please.

Thank you so much for any and all help.
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Inspired by last night's episode, I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations of fics where Steve and/or Danny retrieve a teenager from a party where he/she is not supposed to be or that has gotten out of control. It can be Grace, it can be OC children, it can be a McDanno fic, a gen fic, or even a het fic. The person(s) retrieving the teen can be the parent(s) or the teen could have called on an uncle for help.

I think I've read scenes like this in fiction before so I'm sure there are some. I'm not so much looking for a specific fic, but any stories that cover this issue.

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So, I was reading a fic about Danny being able to shift into a shark and it triggered a memory of another fic that I'm now trying to see if was real...

Steve had been in an experiment in the Navy that spliced Shark to his DNA. And over the course of the fic this caused him to be able to get pregnant. I remember then hiding it so the government wouldn't take the baby...

Anybody able to help me?
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Ok so I've been looking for this fic for awhile now. It goes something like this:

-Danny and Grace are visiting their family back in New Jersey, not having much fun.
-At some point Grace asks when they're going back home, and Danny says something like we are home, to which she says no back to Hawaii.
-I think it might have been a Steve/Danny but I could be wrong.

It's been driving me crazy, so if anyone can help that'd be great. Thank you!
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The one I'm looking for Danny and Steve are either together or married and they have a baby and the nanny they hire ends up working for hess or someone and she poisons the baby making it sick and the nanny ends up being found murdered. Link and/or title author please. Also any other stories where they are married with kids would be great (all ready have LindaLeeB's and thatredheadgirl's stories on FF.net & I really like long stories).
Thanks Kathy

FOUND: story is story 2 of a series on ff.net by ballistics belle. The story I was looking for is A Baby Changes Everything.
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Does anyone know what happened to a story where Danny and Steve are together. Danny has Grace as well as a toddler named Dylan. Danny is pregnant with Steve's child whom they will name Noah. It was a fairly long WIP. Dylan was one of the cutest OMC I have read. He calls the baby Bean and can be a bit of a handful.

Thank you!
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I'm looking for some fic recs for these topics, if anyone's ever written them!

1) The beloved classic trope, in any fandom, of the single father and his kid's kindergarten (or similar) teacher. Or any premise where they meet through their kid(s). Anyone ever write one of those for Steve/Danny?

2) It's been confirmed by Scott in a couple early interviews that he and Alex didn't quite get along at first, clashing Alpha Male type bullshit, etc. Anyone ever written anything about that?

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So I recently watched the clip on youtube of Alex on Ellen back in May and when Alex is talking about his son, they flash a picture of him on the screen and Alex exclaims "That's my baby!". I remember reading a fic that was inspired by that line. I think it was on AO3, where Steve and Danny have a son together and Steve is gone for several weeks/months for a deployment I think it was. Any way, he returns to HQ after the trip where Danny and the rest of the team is with their infant son. Steve walks in the door and when he sees his boy sitting or crawling around the floor of HQ he exclaims "That's my baby!" and they have a happy reunion. Anyone know what fic I am talking about? I'm pretty sure it was on AO3 but I have no idea who the author was. I tried searching for it but came up empty.
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Thanks in advance for any help and recs. I am looking for a specific story and all I remember is Steve shows up in court in dress whites without telling Danny he will be there, introduces himself as Danny's partner, and does not correct the judge when the assumes is a different type of partner. The story does end Steve/Danny.
Thank you for any help and please don't hesitate to rec any stories that sorta fit or you liked.
P.S. this is my first ever post please don't hesitate to tell my if I did any thing wrong or committed a faux pas with this post.
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I've read a fic few weeks ago but I can't find it again, danny become again a kid and wants come back in Jersey and escape to steve who take care of him, steve found him in a tree or in the sea, steve phone to the danny's mother for to know how he was as a child,

I hope someone could help me, thank you

FOUND BY simplyn2deep thanks

That's the Little Problem series by SBG http://archiveofourown.org/series/25222
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It's a slash story where the boys are investigating the murder of a little boy's parents and they end up adopting him after they get Grace's permission. Danny's parents move to Hawaii afterwards and his sisters get pissed. I can't remember if the boys are together at the beginning or if it's a first time, but I know Danny was having a hard time connecting with the little one until they discovered their mutual love of baseball.

Any help appreciated!
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Hi there!

I started reading a fic on my phone a couple of days ago but I dropped the phone & it went totally black, then wouldn't turn on for a couple of hours. It's sorted now but I lost my browsing history, so here I am with my begging bowl!

I was reading on AO3, but the author could well be here on LJ, too. Kono gave Danny 3 tickets to the zoo & when Danny asked Grace who she wanted to take, she says Uncle Steve. They go, and Danny starts having his Steve sexual freak out. The only other specific I remember (I was tired) is that a lion was being hosed down & Grace said that was Uncle Steve because he's big, strong & loves the water.

Thanks for any help! :)
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I've probably read them all, but I'm in the mood for some meet the family fics.

Steve meeting Danny's family
Danny meeting Steve's family

I don't care.

Please rec some to me.

Also, kid fic. I'm in the mood for that as well.
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I'm new in this community and english is not my language, so there's a possibility that I'm doing things wrong, in wich case I apolagize.
I'm wondering if there are some specific fics in this fandom, and if you could please help me to find them?
So I'm looking for some kid fics. Danny as a kid, He may or may not remember that he's been downsized. I read one where he didn't remember, and then he was climbing trees and all and Steve was taking care of him. But Danny didn't like him. Steve told him his parents would be back in the morning.. Well anyway this one I read. But if there's some more I'd be more than happy to read them.

Then I'm searching for some kink.

First daddy kink. Steve doing the daddy part.
Then dom/sub stories. Steve doing the dom.

I like actually stories like "Haole" and other stories by Maudlin Mush where Steve is really into protective mode and it's not sexual. I love that a lot. But there weren't a lot around. Almost all the fandom is about slash Steve/Danny. In White Collar fandom there was some asexual!Neal and it was really great. I've been so in love with these fics, that I searched for some in other fandom, but in vain.

So, at last, if you know non slash protective Steve I'll gladly take them too.

I know it's a lot of requests for a first time, and I'm sorry. I'm trying to find the other requests to see if I can find one for someone else.
In the meantime I'll be very happy if someone can help me.

Thank you in advance for searching them for me.
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Hi! I am new to this site! I hope I am posting in the right section. I am looking for a story I saw a couple of months ago. I do not remember where. I only remember pecies of the story.. I remember that Danny and Grace were in Danny's car, I think either they got car jacked or in a accident. I remember that after Grace was I think in shock and was afraid to leave the house. Danny went to pick her up in his car for a visit and when she saw his car out the front door she got frightened and did not want to go. Rachel offered her car, but Danny did not want to push grace so they sat at the dining room table and colored and did things around the house. Later Danny told Steve what Happened and Steve gave Danny His truck keys and traded cars with Danny and told him to take Grace to the Zoo Tomarrow in his truck and have a great time. That is all I remember I hope someone knows the story and can help me.
Thanks Kelly
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I feel like this fic may have been asked for on here before but I haven't been able to find it. It's a flashback where Doris is at an airport somewhere with Steve who is just a toddler and meets Danny and his mom. The two boys start playing together and Danny ends up giving Steve a hug. Steve wasn't talking yet and Doris was worried there was something wrong with him, Danny's mom reassures her that Stevie was normal, he was just stubborn and didn't feel like talking yet; Danny was us loquacious self even at 2 years old and was sensitive about his size.

In the present, Danny is having dinner or something with Steve and Doris and Doris tells the two boys about their first meeting. I think she has a picture of the two of them playing in the airport together as kids.

Anyone know what fic I'm talking about?
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The fic where Steve and Danny met at the airport during chirstmas time as little kids and became friends. The end of the fic has mama McG reminding them of it. I know its little information, but if you know what im talking about please comment(:
ext_107528: (Thorin and Bilbo)
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Looking for a fic on AO3. Danny and Steve are together. Steve has a daughter who the mother didn't want. When Steve and Danny get married(?) they adopt each other's daughters, I think. Grace becomes  bit of a b***h when she gets older and starts bullying Steve's daughter, who she was great friends with before. Steve gets deployed and the mother of his daughter comes back and wants to see the daughter, who doesn't want to see her. And that's all I read. Can anyone help me?


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