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So this fic has been bugging me for a couple of days now:

Steve and Danny meet for the first time at a private club and have sex, it's an invite only club I think and they all wear masks since everyone is only there for sex. Steve might have membership pasted down through a family connection? Danny gets recommended by someone at work? After the sex Steve thinks about starting something with Danny but changes his mind at the last minute and they go their separate ways. A day or so after that night they have their canon meeting in the garage. Steve ends up recognizing Danny because of his hair I think, not sure if Danny figures it out right away. There might be something about a hickey? They eventually end up together.

Someone help!
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Hi guys,

I've been looking for this fic everywhere and i just can't seem to find it:
I think it was on ao3, but I'm not sure about that. It was AU and Danny worked as a prostitute at Hawaii, because he couldn't find a job there and still wanted to be close to Grace. Steve comes to Hawaii and Kamekona sets him up with Danny, whom he has already paid.
Sometime later they meet again and Steve pays him a lot of money to spend a weekend with him, and sometime on this weekend they take a walk in a park.
Also, they meet a third time where Danny helps 5-0 in an investigation of the murders of prostitutes.

Does that ring any bells for anyone? Also excuse my english and my mistakes in this post, my laptop isn't working, so i had to write this on my cell phone
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I know ther'es more than one of these out there but there's a specific "pre series, Danny sits next to Steve at a bar and hits on him" I must find, because i loved it.  I remember it was Danny's pov, and he was having an inner convo with himself about don't even know if Steve's gay or not, but I specifically remember Steve kept smiling and ducking his head until I'm prettys ure Danny finally said it outright, and basically says I wasn't sure if you'd hit me and Steve's like I'd never do that...  Possibly there's a line about Steve specifically hanging up his dress blues so they don't wrinkle?

And while I'm at it?  There's fics where they met preseries and hooked up and then meet up again as they did on the show...  One in specific that I loved but I remember no details except that it was good.  So.

But mainly the first one.

Found!! Thanks!
Before it Began by Leslie Knope
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Hi all.
I have seen here some pretty interesting versions of Danny`s secret past... From CIA to MI6, SWAT, Turc Mallone etc. But not one of those stories was of Danny met Steve years before Hawaii. Someone has recs with military!Danny meeting Steve before? Maybe Danny MP on base with Steves SEAL Team or marine!Danny`s platoon and Steve`s SEAL Team in same operation?
Links, PLZ!


Jun. 5th, 2015 09:53 pm
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I was wondering if you guys could rec me some good McDanno fics. Anything.
Doesn´t matter if its an AU(just no kid fics please) an it should be finished tho.
Hurt or angsty Danny centered is always a plus.

Another request: Do you know if there are any fics out there in which Danny is explaining Steve his true feelings towards him but Steve eventually doesn´t react how Danny thought he would. (Of course Steve feels the same but doesn´t tell for awhile) Happy endings are appreciated :)

Thanks in advance
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Does anyone have any recs where the author really explores the issues Steve has because of betrayal and abandonment? I'm not talking about partner betrayal but mostly his family, Nick, Joe, etc.

Also any good Steve with PTSD fics?

I'm good wIth any genre or trope

Steve Fic

Jan. 29th, 2013 02:58 pm
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There was a story that chronicled Steve’s life from the day his mother died, through the military, and into his role at Five-O. It was really beautiful and chilling and I forgot to mark it. I remember there was a scene of him at Annapolis and a time when he had a mandatory meeting with the base shrink regarding the death of one of his men.

Any help would be great!


Life Is The Fire In Which We Burn by Kristen999
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Two requests (the first of which is also a question).

I haven't watched all the H50 episodes yet, but in those I have, I can't help but notice that Danny has a habit of showing up and saving the day with kill shots that logically have a high chance of collateral damage - ie, ally, potential victim or hostage very much in the same area as he's shooting. If this isn't just dramatic direction, it seems he's either unconcerned with the risk of his actions (way out of character) or an extremely good shot and comfortable with it. Are there any fics (or canon moments I'm not yet aware of) that deal with Danno as a sniper/marksman preferably impressing Steve and/or his old Navy pals? I like the idea that while Steve is very much the more physically adept and combat ready in general, Danny can one up him in this one area.

Second, can anyone recommend fics which are (eventual) McDanno but deal with the two of them as adversaries. This Thing Of Ours with MobBoss!Danno was fun, but I'd love to see something slightly less AUish, perhaps a situation where Danny is working a witness protection detail on a criminal that Steve's team is supposed to take out, or one is in deep cover and tries to protect the other without anyone noticing. (I have a shameful love of capture!fic.)
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Hi All,

A rather open fic request here!
Any one know of any fics where Steve and Danno have met before pilot?

So where they may have met in childhood, or some work situation and lost contact and then they met again in the McGarrett garage? Maybe they recognised each other, maybe they didn't?

Thanks in advance comm!


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I was wondering if such a timeline exist? I mean we know he was in the Seals for 6 years and 5 years with Naval Intelligence. When did he go to Annapolis? What year did his Seal training took place? I'm looking for the year of these events. I would be grateful for any help. Thanks in advance.

9-11 Danny

May. 22nd, 2012 08:37 pm
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Hey there all! I recently read a fantastic little fic where a corpsman asked Danny mockingly what the worst thing he's ever seen as a cop was. As if asking "How bad could it possibly be?" And Danny went on to describe his experiences during the tragedy of 9-11 while he was working in New Jersey.

That image, of Danny helping out during 9-11, REALLY stuck in my head and I was wondering if you all might be able to suggest any other fics that involve him helping out during the New York attacks? Or being part of a major aid effort that the others didn't know about?

Any genre or pairing, it's all good!

I just really love Competent!Danny and have been craving it really badly.


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I was wondering if their was any fic's out there. Where the story is. Set just after Danny moves to Hawaii.

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I was wondering if there is a story out there that has Steve and Danny involved with each other when they were but they broke up or their relationship ended when Steve joined the military.   They have not seen each other years and the next time they see each other is at Steve's fathers house.

Also any recommendations of slash Steve/Danny.  I prefer bottomDanno...He is just too precious.

Thank you in advance.
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Are there any fics out there about Steve's life as a teenager after his dad sent him and Mary away? I have read several fics about Danny being sent to Hawaii as a teen either because he was causing problems or because his family moved there but I havent read any fics about what Steves life was like as a 16 year old adjusting to a new life away from Hawaii. The flashback in Episode 2.14 got me to thinking about this.
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Hey everybody! I'm looking for any and all high school fics that mainly focuses on Danny and Steve during their school years. I can't seem to find too many and it's really bumming me out. Slash is preferred but only of the steve/danno kind. Thanks!

(ps- first time posting, hoping tags are correct!)

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Hey, I'm looking for any story that has to deal with Steve/military guys. Whether it's Nick Taylor, Joe (if there are any yet...), other SEALs, or hookups he had in the military (not the Steve/John Sheppard ones though...). Just Steve/military guys. Preferably higher rated.

I'm also looking for one that was Steve/Danny, and Danny got off on a story Steve was telling him about a teammate he slept with during a mission while Steve acted it out with him. (Think it was on AO3...?)

Anyway, any stories are appreciated! Thanks in advance. :)
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I just finished reading Back in the Day by [livejournal.com profile] emmademarais and I was wondering if anyone knew of any other Steve/Nick fics out there. I don't care if it is pre-series or during the series, if it includes Steve/Danny or a threesome with them, and I would love if it was jealous!Danny. I just want it. My thanks in advance.

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I'm looking for a high-school AU. It will transition into "modern day" at some point, but I haven't seen it get that far yet. It's a fairly recent story and I believe it's still a work-in-progress.

Danno gets into some trouble back in Jersey, so he's sent to live with a family in Hawaii as part of a program to help kids get straightened out by getting away from the things that influenced them into crime. Most of the kids aren't nice to Danno, but Steve is. Steve's good at football - in fact Danno can't believe they're letting him start. He thinks Steve is lying until he sees the game.

On the way to get food from Burger King, he gets beat up and his money's taken from him. That's about all I remember. If anyone remembers this or more details that might trigger where I read this, I'd be grateful.

Found! The Boy With The Broken Halo by [livejournal.com profile] caughtitonland. Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] silmanumenel.
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 ...because I don't even know if this is an actual fic. I have this quote: "Goodbyes are useless when you're saying goodbye to an idea, a memory, a barely there feeling, It's like saying goodbye to the breeze".

I don't know, but I'm guessing it's from a H50 fic (since all I've read lately is from this awesome fandom), and it propably was from Danny's POV.

So, I really hope you guys can help me. Please! The need to know is driving me crazy! :(

FOUND IT! (by total accident)

Ma'ane'i No Ke Aloha by elise_509

Wonderful fic!


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