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I'm looking for some fic recs for these topics, if anyone's ever written them!

1) The beloved classic trope, in any fandom, of the single father and his kid's kindergarten (or similar) teacher. Or any premise where they meet through their kid(s). Anyone ever write one of those for Steve/Danny?

2) It's been confirmed by Scott in a couple early interviews that he and Alex didn't quite get along at first, clashing Alpha Male type bullshit, etc. Anyone ever written anything about that?

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Hello everyone!! I am new to the H50 fandom, not sure why it took me almost 4 season to see how great this show is but here I am. LOL And now I am totally addicted to it, so much so that for the last five weekends I have done nothing but watch the first 3 seasons on blue-ray over and over again. :)
So my reason for the post, please recommend to me your favorite Steve/Danno or Scott/Alex stories. The longer the story the better.

Thanks in advance for the recs.
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Hey Guys,

I remembered a RPS fic about Alex and Scott and I've been looking for it since yesterday but I can't find it. I hope it's ok to post to this community.

What I remember is that the fic was pretty long and had several chapter. I think it was posted on livejournal. At first Alex and Scott were still in L.A. when H50 got picked up. Of course they moved to Hawaii and ended up in two apartments right next to each other. I also think in the end we find out that Scott had a condo at the beach all the time but stayed in the apartment cause he liked being close to Alex ?!

Anyone know this one??? I would like to reread it so badly because it was such a great story.

Edit: Found! See comments for link.
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There are three fics that I have been going nuts over trying to find for the last couple months now, I have looked anywhere I could think of without any luck. Its two RPS fics with Scott/Alex and one McDanno fic, unfourtnely I don't remember much but I'm hoping you goregous people out there can help me out.

The first RPS have the boys going to the beach, getting drunk, Alex starts singing and Scotts dog Dot had a hat thing with antenas on her head?? I think it was supposed to be around christmas.
What I remember for the second one is Scott throwing things out of his trailer (angry with Alex?) with Alex sitting outside, possibly in a pink folding chair.

The Steve/Danny fic had a angsty Steve POV. I think it was rather short and was about Steve/Danny getting it on and Steve saying something emotional like "I want you to stay" but Danny left whitout a word. I also thought this was posted early season 2 on [livejournal.com profile] hawaii5_0slash but couldn't find it.

Not much to go on but any suggestions are more than welcome.
Thank you!
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Is it okay to request RPF in this comm? If it's not I'll delete this entry or something but I hope it's okay.

What I'm looking for is a fic where Alex is the one being comforted. It's usually Scott in that role methinks, whether he's having a migraine, or doesn't want to go to some promo event. What I want is for role reversal and Scott coming to Alex's rescue for whatever reason.

I think I read most fics posted on AO3 and in Scott/Alex RPF community here on LJ but I might have overlooked something. Besides I hope there are some rare treasures that were never posted to the comms. Self-recs are more than welcome.
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I'm looking for Alex/Scott stories that feature their birthdays as only being one day apart. It can be mentioned in passing in the fic or a major part of the plot. Can be gen or slash. I will take anything. Lol!

Thanks, mod, for letting me post this request. May I please have an alex/scott tag? Thanks, again.

And thank you to everyone here!


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