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Hello Everyone.
I am looking for a Sentinel fic that was posted in AO3. It was about Danny being a Sentinal transferred to Hawaii because of Grace and he is unbounded. Steve was a guide in the military and of course becomes Dannys guide, but Danny tries to hide the fact that Steve is his true guide because Danny thinks he cannot bond with anyone.
The story follows a lot like season 1. I think there were only 5 parts, the last part was when Meka died.
The author only did about 1 part a year but it is an awesome read.
Does this ring a bell with anyone and if so can you tell me were I can find it?
Thanks for you help and Happy New Year!!
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I need your help :/

I'm looking for a story, where Danny and Kono are in a bar with, I think, freinds of Kono. I don't remember if Steve and/or Chin are there, too.
Danny is dancing with one of Kono's friends and suddenly there is a guy (maybe ex boyfriend or somekind of relative of the woman, Danny is dancing with), who is not ok with the two of them dancing. He and his friends are pushing Danny around and he ends up on the floor, hurt in someway.
I would really, really like to re-read that one, because Danny hurt is always awesome (I'm so sadistic sometimes :D)

Please, help me, I'm going mad not finding it....
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Hi folks, I've finally caught up with watching season five. Because of avoiding spoilers I've not read much fic recently and I've probably missed some good ones. Rec me your favourite McDanno and team fics that have come out of season five please. Try to avoid season 6 spoilers if you can.

Many thanks
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Hey guys, I'm desperately looking for a fic I read a while ago. Sadly I don't remember where or when, not even if it was McDanno.

In the story was some kind of stone if I remember right, that everyone of the team touched except Danno.
The stone gave them super powers and Hawaii celebrates them as their new heroes. Then they get in trouble and Danny saves them but gets shot. They use the stone to heal him, but lose their powers because of that.
Does that ring a bell?

Also, while I'm at it, I've seen a lot of pics with Scott Caan and his dog lately. Are there any fics where Danny has a dog? I'm especially craving a fic where the dog is really protective of him.

Thanks in advance :)
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Hi All,

I was wondering if there are any stories where some of Danny's Cop partners from Jersey come to Hawaii and bad mouth Danny. Maybe even his family bad mouths him but the Five O team sets em straight.

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Big sigh.

This is, I am sure, a repost. And I apologize, but LiveJournal is not real user friendly on my tablet and my computer is out of commission. (even Google is failing me :( ) This is a copy of an old story search. I would credit the original poster, but it was on some random site that keeps giving me dead links. Can anyone tell me the name of this story?

"I'm looking for an AU fic where Steve is the captain of a space ship. I believe Chin is his number two, and Kono has secretly had some sort of metallic implants in her arms, making her even more of a BAMF. Danny's a doctor on an unstable planet where Steve's ship is dropping off supplies, and Grace is a little girl from the planet whose parents died and has now kind of been adopted by Danny."

Please and thank you!
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I'm looking for a fic I read a long time ago where the whole team have powers the only one I can remember is Chin has the power to control Lava and was trained by his mom an remembered the Capt. Cook Landing when he was a child. I think Kono was something with her balance but that's all I know. Hope someone can help me find it.
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I am looking for a specific fic and I am also looking to see if there is a fic based on an idea.

The specific fic I know I have read, but I don't remember what site I read it on. I know it was slash of the McDanno variety and had a Dom/Sub theme. What I remember is that Danny is a Sub (or maybe a switch). He and Gracie live in a nice home, Danno never brings anyone home - he has another house that he 'plays' in. Even as young as Gracie is, they already know she is a Dom. I know this is very little to go on...but I hope someone remembers this.

I was reading 'Not Tonight Honey, I Have a Headache' by kho http://archiveofourown.org/works/170410 and was wondering if there are any fics where the team teases Danny about being a nag and he stops, only speaking when necessary and not 'nagging' and the team realizes they miss it and it was his way of saying he loved them?

Thanks in advance!
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I am watching the Pilot episode on Netflix and remembered a scene in a fic, but that's the only thing I remember. I really, really hope someone can figure it out. I think it had to be a 'supernatural' type fic. The scene I remember is when they go talk to Chin and he says he can't be a cop because HPD thinks he's dirty. Steve asks if he took the money and Chin says no, and he looks at Danny and Danny says he KNOWS Chin is telling the truth. I don't think he could read minds, but it was like he could 'read' his body...am I making this up?

Thanks in advance!!!
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Looking for a story that I think was on AO3. Steve was beat up/tortured/something by one of the paramedics or cops that he assaulted while escaping from jail in episode 2 of season one. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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Hello everyone!  I was hoping someone out there could point me in the right direction to a story that I can't find.  In this story Steve is taken by a woman that wants revenge (for what I can't remember) and she buries him alive out in the wilderness.  I know Danny, Chin and Kono find him without a moment to spare and Steve is in very rough shape.  I wish I could remember more, but I'm hoping someone can remember this story and point me to the right link for it!  Thanks in advance!
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Looking for a series that I read ages ago but forgot to bookmark, Danny's sister comes to visit and she has Down syndrome, later on in the series she ends up living with Danny and Steve.

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Just re-read some 4.19 fics and they put me in the mood to re-read some other Trapped!Danno. I think there are a couple, but I can only remember details from one. Danny gets trapped in a building (obviously :) lol) and the team are having a hard time finding him, he has an ear piece, so they can speak with him. I think it might be Steve/Danny but it could be gen?

I know it isn't much, but I have faith in this comm. :)

Thanks in advance!

FIC FOUND: Thanks the specific fic has been found http://qweenmewwy.livejournal.com/9562.html thanks to http://sylumfitzgerald.livejournal.com/profile ; however I will still accept anymore recs that might be out there :)

Thanks again!
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Hey I am looking for a fic where the team are in a car and it breaks down or runs out of fuel and it's getting late so they decide to just stay at this old house at the top if the hill! But as soon as they do they start having hallucinations and some disappear for hours on end! When I think Steve and Kono go to a garage to get good a young kid who works there tells them about the story of the house and how they have to stay there for a certain amount of days before they leave?!

I appreciate any help thanks
Tori x
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All I remember is that Steve wants to date Danny who refuses until Steve woos him properly first. Steve tries several times but something always goes wrong. One time Steve puts flowers in Danny’s office but Danny ends up having a bad allergic reaction. Another time Steve orders something (malasadas?) to be delivered to Danny in HQ but the delivery guy gets distracted by Kono’s beauty and gives her the package instead. Steve gets mad and says something like,” I said a short, blonde, haole man!"
Kono ends up splitting the malasadas with Danny, much to Steve's annoyance since he bought them solely for Danny.
Danny just tells him to keep trying.
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I read a story a while ago on AO3 and in the kudos/feedback thread at the bottom, the author asked if there was any sort of general timeline for the show or chronology so she could dob in and out of for when she was writing - characters dates and places of birth, spouses, siblings, where they were in certain years and what they were doing at the time etc., and etc. I couldn't find one, so I did one. It is on www.fanfiction.net under my stories as The Cat's Whiskers although it is not a fiction story: Hawaii 5-0 Timeline of Characters and Events.
Anyone who wishes to make use of it is welcome to do so, as I cannot remember the name of the author or her story to let her know directly. The timeline covers from the 1930s (birth of Deb McGarrett) and covers right up until the first half of S4, though it is most relevant to S1 and S2. I have also used the timeline to (mostly) reconcile continuity issues so they can be fudged or not continuity issues at all, hopefully!
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I've been trying to find a specific story for a while now, but I'm having no luck. Though, luckily, I do remember quite a bit from from it.

Danny starts dating this girl (GF=girlfriend), who might be a nurse, and things move very fast over the course of weeks/months. She pretty much falls in love with Danny immediately, and Danny not so much (as time goes by). He finds her to be very clingy and odd. She keeps insisting on buying him really expensive things and is already taking about marriage, etc. She cooks for him all the time and so on. Eventually, Danny decides to break things off with this girl because he doesn't feel like he's in love with her (or like the relationship is going anywhere). This unleashes the GF's crazy/psychotic side.

Grace has a really bad relationship with this GF (who threatens to either send Grace away or take Danny away from her). Grace ends up hiding her feelings for Danny's girlfriend because she doesn't want to upset him and be sent away. I think the GF might have also been physically abusing Grace, and leaving her with bruises? Towards the end of the fic, Grace is pretty emotionally beaten and terrified of losing Danny.

After Danny breaks up with the GF, he goes back to her house (with Grace) because he thought he left his wallet. In reality, the girlfriend took it so Danny would have to come back to get it. Danny explains to Grace in the car outside of the house that this is the last time they have to talk with the GF and then their lives will be back to normal. When he arrives, the GF is fixing the sink in the kitchen, which she purposefully broke. It's creating a mess and she asks for his help. When he does, the GF attacks him with a knife and stabs him.

He ends up hiding with Grace in the bathroom. Meanwhile, the GF sets the house on fire because "if she can't have him, no one can". Danny forces Grace to escape the house through the tiny bathroom window and call for Five-0/their ohana for help on a cell phone a couple of blocks away. She ends up waiting for them there and to direct them to the house.

Steve busts onto the scene and calms Grace down. When he gets in the house, he ends up killing the GF while Chin calls for backup. Steve tries to open the bathroom, but it's locked/jammed. Danny is unconscious from blood loss so Kono climbs back through the window to help unlock the door to the bathroom to help free Danny. Then they all head the hospital?

I'm not sure where I read it since I've been trailing LJ, Ao3, and ff.net for H50 fics.


Found: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9004392/1/A-Possessive-Obsession
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I recently read a story and would like to find it again. I don't remember the whole plot but I remember that Danny saved his money to buy Grace a surfboard that was custom designed by an artist with Danny's help. Kono helped him hide it. On the day of Grace's Birthday, which was at Steve's house, Danny was upset by how overboard Steve had gone. Steve even gave Grace a surfboard before Danny could give Grace the one he had been saving up to buy. Kono had to show Steve the board and explain why Danny was upset. Steve and Danny finally resolved it. I think it was gen. but I'm not sure. Does anyone have a link?

Happy Friday, and thanks!
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Hello everyone,

I've been searching through this comm for weeks now searching for this fic and can't seem to find it. I've also checked Ao3 and ff.net.

Anyways, Danny is in physical therapy for his knee or a leg injury. The PT trainer ends up taking Danny too far in his exercises and causes him a lot more pain and possibly damages the injury further.

I'm sure it's McDanno, but I'm not sure in what stage the relationship it is in. I know that Steve ends up talking to Chin and/or Kono about Danny's pain/injury. Steve takes care of Danny at his house and makes Danny go to his doctor after the PT trainer hurts him to get checked out. I think Grace also makes an appearance in the fic.

I'm pretty sure that this is part of a larger fic.

If anyone knows what fic this is, please help.
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I'm looking for a series i read a while back where Steve thinks that he's Danny's consolation prize or that Danny's only occupying himself with him or using him as a way to get over Rachel. Also any other fics along those lines would be much appreciated, basically anything with insecure Steve would be perfect.

Thanks in advance for your help :)


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