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I read this on Archive of Our Own site and can't seem to find it again.  The premise is Steve's seal buddies show up and they are real characters.  They've come to have a memorial service for one of their own named 'Motherfucker'.  Turns out Motherfucker was a seal-trained dog and was part of Steve's unit.  In the meantime, the seal buddies, named 'the idiots', decide to live in Hawaii.

Steve also explains, at one point, that he was the one to help his buddies get laid.  Using his looks to lure in women, or he had a really amenable girlfriend who got it on with his buddies.

Seems that the idiots think that Danny is Steve's significant other and they start to woo Danny.  One of them actually calls Danny a DILF in front of Grace.

Also, one of the idiots won a herd of horses and brings them to Steve's house, and wants to give one to Grace.

Can you help me, please?


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 I got some pretty shitty news today and I'm really needing a cheer-up. Can you guys rec me your favorite adorable fics? Anything that made you grin like a fool, smile wide, chuckle, laugh long and hard, go "awww", etc. Either Steve/Danny or the whole team or both!. It doesn't matter what rating, I'll take anything, but some good smutty or filthy sex at some point gets you brownie points.

Just for the record, you guys are amazing. Mahalo! xx

Tags list

Dec. 11th, 2010 09:15 am
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Voila some of the tags
- find
- search
- het
- slash
- gen
- pairing : McDanno
- pairing : Chin/Danny
- pairing : Chin/Steve
- pairing : Danny/Kono
- pairing : Steve/Kono
- Angst
- Humor
- Kink
- Hurt/comfort
- Jealousy
- kid-fic

free to ask for a new tag.


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