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I'm not sure if this is a Steve/Kono/Danny fic or OT4, I know it's Steve/Danny at the very minimum, if only pre-slash. Steve is in the hospital after being injured and the team has all gathered around his bedside, waiting for him to wake up. I think it's Kono down at his feet, sleeping with her head on his legs--maybe; Chin and Danny have got a hold of both his hands--also, maybe. I read it such a loooong time ago, that these are really the only details I can remember.

If anybody can think of any story that even vaguely resembles this, it would be great! I apologize for it being so vague.

Thank you so much!
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So here are the things I know for sure about this story:

It was first posted on FF.Net then more recently to AO3. It's Gen with very strong Team Friendship/Ohana themes. Basically Danny gets beat to hell and back because some HPD guys thought they were doing Steve, Chin, and Kono a favor by 'getting rid of the Haole'. Steve, Chin, and Kono spend a lot of time gaining Danny's trust back. There is a lot of Platonic Bed Sharing. Grace comes to Steve's house to watch baseball with Danny and the team.

In one part (maybe a sequel) The Team goes to a conference (in Colorado) and meets up with the NCIS team, and a bunch of other task force types. Danny is 'tapped' by someone in the FBI or CIA because he can literally 'get inside the bad guys head' and 'see the crime'.
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I'm looking for any stories that involve any combination of the Core Four getting high and making out. Like I know there's one where Danny (or Steve) accidentally takes something at Toast's place so Steve (or Danny)takes some too, then they lay on the floor and listen to Pink Flloyd, or Led Zepplin. I think there was some making out in that.

Basically I just want them all relaxed and 'roll with it' and then they make out. because I'm in the middle of freakin' hurricane Sandy and need to relax/destress myself, and have no pot with which to do that...

I'm seriously okay with any/all combinations of the Core Four, so hit me with it.
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I'm on the hunt for fic which involve Steve, Danny, Chin, and Kono all in the same romantic relationship. I've seen a few where they have a casual relationship, but I've only ever read one where they were actually in a serious relationship together (and I don't remember what that one was called, so hopefully the link for that one will crop up too! :)). So! Any recommendations out there?


P.S. If all you've got is casual-relationship fics...I'll take those too ;) Thanks!
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Are there any fics where danny is a math genius?? or really good in any subject?? or just inteligent in general, but in a way that is noticeable.

Any genre is welcome and pairings as well but i do preffer slash.
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Hope u guys don't get tired of me so soon, this is the last time i post a request... in this week XD

Anyways, i was wondering if any of you know about fics where for some reason Danny is back in New Jersey with Steve, Kono and Chin and showing them how he is back in his territory, talking about things that the rest don't know or understand, slang, etc. I just want Danny back in his element.

And also, of course once again about Danny, this time where he speaks another language??

Any genre, pairing, etc is welcome.
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 I got some pretty shitty news today and I'm really needing a cheer-up. Can you guys rec me your favorite adorable fics? Anything that made you grin like a fool, smile wide, chuckle, laugh long and hard, go "awww", etc. Either Steve/Danny or the whole team or both!. It doesn't matter what rating, I'll take anything, but some good smutty or filthy sex at some point gets you brownie points.

Just for the record, you guys are amazing. Mahalo! xx
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I was really, really hoping someone could give me some OT4?

I've read the two by [livejournal.com profile] acidpop25 and I'm in love with them, and I've been searching everywhere for more, but I've come up empty.

Thanks guys!
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Please tell me I'm just overlooking the fic based on those promo pics. You know, the ones where Alex, DDK, Grace, and Scotty are dressed to the 9's? Someone has to have written a story where, IDK, 5-0 is being recognised for their complete awesomeness and has to get all gussied up.

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Voila some of the tags
- find
- search
- het
- slash
- gen
- pairing : McDanno
- pairing : Chin/Danny
- pairing : Chin/Steve
- pairing : Danny/Kono
- pairing : Steve/Kono
- Angst
- Humor
- Kink
- Hurt/comfort
- Jealousy
- kid-fic

free to ask for a new tag.


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