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Apr. 8th, 2017 07:39 pm
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Anyone have any links to anybody fics (or other relevant posts) that are anti-Doris? I recently restarted the series and I am remembering how hard she is to like, especially at first. Thanks!
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I hope you can help me find this fic. I read it years ago and I can't find it anywhere.

What I recall is Steve and Danny are being forced to have sex. I think they were in Steve's house when someone breaks in, there may have been a storm. Steve is really upset because he actually loves Danny and he didn't want their first time to be like that. Steve tries to make it easier for Danny. I think it becomes Steve/Danny.

I'm sorry it is so vague, I can't remember much. This is my first time posting please let me know if I did anything wrong.

Update: FOUND
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So this fic has been bugging me for a couple of days now:

Steve and Danny meet for the first time at a private club and have sex, it's an invite only club I think and they all wear masks since everyone is only there for sex. Steve might have membership pasted down through a family connection? Danny gets recommended by someone at work? After the sex Steve thinks about starting something with Danny but changes his mind at the last minute and they go their separate ways. A day or so after that night they have their canon meeting in the garage. Steve ends up recognizing Danny because of his hair I think, not sure if Danny figures it out right away. There might be something about a hickey? They eventually end up together.

Someone help!
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Hey Everyone... I read this fic a while back and now I can't find it. I just can't seem to get it out of my head. It is a series of one-shots featuring hurt!Steve McGarrett. In one of the one shots, Steve has a broken arm and is later kidnapped and locked into a shipping container. He then drown in there after it is dumped on the ocean, but is lated revived by Danny.

Another one-shot involves Steve being exposed to a dangerous chemical and there is nothing the doctors can do to easy his pain. Danny ends up cradling him on the bed to ease the pain all night.

Danny is always the one to rescue or comfort Steve. These one shots focus on their friendship.

Please help. Thanks so much
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Hey I'm looking for any fic's that are about an evil Catherine that is crazy in love with Steve but Steve dumps her for Danny and she goes all crazy and is like 'if I can't have Steve, then no one can' and tries to kill him so Danny can't have him cause she twisted up like that.
If there is any fic's like this please comment and send me a link,
Thanks x
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I read this fic I'm pretty sure it was on AO3 and for the life of me I can't find it again, or remember the title. It was basically a Jealous Danny fucking Steve against the window in his office. I believe Catherine was below watching. If this sounds familiar to anyone please let me know.

Found in Comments
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Hey all!

I'm looking for 2 specific scenes and I'm not sure if they're from the same fic or 2 different ones, but I'm interested in tracking both down.

1) Danny is kidnapped/abducted while he's driving with Grace. Steve finds Grace alone in the car and Grace is terrified of being separated from Steve. I think when Danny was getting abducted, he tells Grace to stay with Steve no matter what.

2) I think this was the ending scene of a fic but the whole team was at Steve's celebrating. Steve was telling Danny the story of one of the constellations and Chin and Kono butt in telling him that he's not telling it right. At one point, Grace wiggles in between Steve and Danny and tells them to tell the story again. --- Found: More Than Meets the Eye by imaginary_iby

I'm going nuts trying to find these stories so hopefully these sound familiar to someone.

Thank you!

ETA: I found the second one. Still looking for the first :) Thank you!
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I'm looking for this fic, where Steve and Grace end up jumping off a cliff into the ocean, and Grace was being held up by Steve until air rescue could come and get them.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Found in Comments
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Hey everyone, I'm looking for a fic that is a McDanno.
From what I can remember is was based around Season 1 Episode 23 "Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau". I remember Steve being in love with Danny and finally except it himself after Danny nearly die from being poisoned by sarin, but when he go to the hospital to see Danny and maybe confess his feeling [not sure] but ends up finding Racheal asleep next to Danny as the have a thing together, this leave Steve heartbroken but Steve doesn't say anything cause he only want Danny to be happy even if it makes Steve miserable, then I remember another bit where Danny hugs Steve in HQ after coming out of the hospital and Steve holds on a little longer than a 'just a friend' should.
That's all I remember so if you know the fic that I'm talking about please let me know and send me a link thanks x.
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Heyy, I've been desperately searching for this fic where Steve has been kind of like the Hulk? I don't remember if it was a story about a hulk movie with the Five-0 characters, but I don't think so. I believe it was an original story.
I know it wasn't slash (I think Steve was with Cathrine in it) but after Hulking out he was always very protective of Danny and saw him as a trusted authority figure or something?
I hope someone can help me :)
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Hi! I read a Hawaii 5'0 fanfiction awhile back and I am having the hardest time remembering it. Anyway, all I can remember is that he criminal burns a house and escapes and goes to the hospital. Steve's leg is injured and is watching Grace. The criminal gets to the hospital and Steve tells Grace to hide in the closet. Criminal finds her and they get taken hostage. Any help would be great! Thank you!
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Hi there! I'm looking for a fic that me and a friend are unable to find right now. I think it's called 'Where the World Drops Off' and it involved a car crash. What's remembered is that Steve is driving a little car and is hit by a truck and when he's out of hospital Danny stays with him and has ptsd about getting in the car again and him and danny end up falling in love and steve gets in a car to tell him that. and that it was angsty but had a happy ending. 
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Hello Everyone.
I am looking for a Sentinel fic that was posted in AO3. It was about Danny being a Sentinal transferred to Hawaii because of Grace and he is unbounded. Steve was a guide in the military and of course becomes Dannys guide, but Danny tries to hide the fact that Steve is his true guide because Danny thinks he cannot bond with anyone.
The story follows a lot like season 1. I think there were only 5 parts, the last part was when Meka died.
The author only did about 1 part a year but it is an awesome read.
Does this ring a bell with anyone and if so can you tell me were I can find it?
Thanks for you help and Happy New Year!!

Hurt Steve

Nov. 26th, 2016 09:26 pm
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Hi, I am looking for fics where Steve is hurt. Preferably I am looking for rape or kidnapping fics, but just any hurt!steve fics are fine. It can be McDanno or just bromance, I don't care.

P.S. I have already read The Sound of the Ocean is Dead.

Fic Search

Nov. 18th, 2016 09:22 pm
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Looking for a fic where Steve was doing a jump with a group of Seals, at night into the ocean where they were suppose to swim to land and no night drills, During the jump something happens with Steve's sail, it deployed wrong, and he ends up hurt, another Seal is helping him get back into land.

Anyone Know of this fic? Found. Link in comments.

Steve Shot

Nov. 18th, 2016 08:45 pm
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I read this fic, I wanna say it was AO3, but I'm not certain. And this was a month or so ago so it's not in my history anymore. But in the story, Danny is incapacitated in some way, (I think he was buried under some boxes) and Steve leaves his cover to protect Danny and ends up getting shot. If anyone knows this fic, please let me know.

Found in comments
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Ciao! I'm Antonella and i'm new in Hawaii Five O's world. I love the show and the characters, above all Steve and his friendship with Danno.
I liked to read some good stories, gen, slash but no graphic and loooong. I already checked in FFnet and now I was checking the archive of Hawaiificfinder since the beginning.
Some stories, unfortunately, are not more availible or on line, like 'When The World Drops Off' on I know that it's slash but the plot it's really involving and i'm so pity that I cannot more read it.
So, if you have some advice or you would like share with me your favs fics...
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I read this fic and I can't remember if it was on or AO3, but if I remember correctly, Steve is kidnapped but people who thinks he's Danny. I remember that Steve was really confused and I think he thought his name was Danny Williams for awhile. I also think that he managed to escape but I'm not sure. If anyone knows where this fic is please let me know.

Found, thanks.
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So I know that it was hosted on Ao3 and I have been looking for it for a while.

Basically, Grace sees how her dad is treated after the events of 6.25 and confronts Steve in the hospital while her dad is out doing tests or whatever, and she yells at him and tells him she never wants to talk to him again? I just hope that the fic wasn't taken down, because I liked it.

Any help would be appreciated.
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One more time I need help. In the story a woman for the insurance company comes and tells steve he needs to have a physical While getting the physical he ends up learning he needs to have surgery on a HERNIA.


Any help I know it was on AO3



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