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Blind anyone Five-O

I know I've read blind!Danny and blind!Steve fic, but can only find blind!Danny from chemical burn and recovers within a couple of days and blind!(stopped!)Danny/Steve as a carpenter uncompleted fic. Do ya'll know where I can find any other blind fics involving any of the Five-O crew? I mostly interested in how writers are writing about blindness, but Five-O fic is the only fandom I'm currently mostly caught up on. Most of the original fic I've found is meh. Any good recs, fanfic or not, are welcome!


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Here's a great blind Danny fic where the blindness is permanent. Very sad but very well done.


Re: Blind!Danny

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Yeah, I think tagging has gotten a lot more sophisticated since that story was posted. Also, I've noticed that tagging really varies fandom to fandom. Sometimes the best way is to ask in forums like this. Good luck.

Re: Blind!Danny

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Steve is actually deaf in that fic. Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/158494

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This Darkness Would Turn To Light (http://archiveofourown.org/works/178384)

Here's a blind Steve fic. One of my favourite fics in this fandom, honestly.
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