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Looking for specific fic(s): Danny abducted/kidnapped and a specific ending scene

Hey all!

I'm looking for 2 specific scenes and I'm not sure if they're from the same fic or 2 different ones, but I'm interested in tracking both down.

1) Danny is kidnapped/abducted while he's driving with Grace. Steve finds Grace alone in the car and Grace is terrified of being separated from Steve. I think when Danny was getting abducted, he tells Grace to stay with Steve no matter what.

2) I think this was the ending scene of a fic but the whole team was at Steve's celebrating. Steve was telling Danny the story of one of the constellations and Chin and Kono butt in telling him that he's not telling it right. At one point, Grace wiggles in between Steve and Danny and tells them to tell the story again. --- Found: More Than Meets the Eye by imaginary_iby

I'm going nuts trying to find these stories so hopefully these sound familiar to someone.

Thank you!

ETA: I found the second one. Still looking for the first :) Thank you!

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Try AO3, More Than Meets the Eye, by imaginary_iby - for sure that's # 2!!

The whole series, Can Neither Confirm nor Deny, is excellent!!